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DQCRANES – Column mounted jib cranes offer comprehensive features with outstanding quality. Our products can be configured for round, square, or even I-beam columns. Save yourself precious floor space by mounting our jib cranes to your building columns.
Jib Crane Project in Saudi Arabia

  • Catering to special requirements of customers from the automotive and supplier sector, the Sat company never fails to present new solutions and products. The product portfolio ranges from welded assemblies through tool making to automation. Depending on requirements, the company produces solutions in-house or together with partner firms.


  • The client need the material handling solution be ergonomics, their production staff benefits from this as much as the company’s customers. It aims to facilitate smooth and fast load lifting, transport and positioning. For its own production, the company needs a column slewing jib crane that looks the part. Sat wants to present its custom load pick-up machinery in an attractive design and as a complete solution.


  • A column mounted jib crane from DQCRANES do it! To move the three metre long jib smoothly and easily.
  • As a hoist unit, the 1 ton electric chain hoist ensures fast and precise component transport in the production process.
  • The combination of pillar mounted slewing crane and motorized chain hoist provides the ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics envisioned by the customer.
  • The operator of the electric chain hoist can handle loads intuitively through manual force and hand movements on the controller.
  • This column mounted 1 ton jib crane with 270 degree rotation, help to improve ergonomic workplace design, weighing up to 45% less than steel profile cranes.

Jib Crane for Sale to Saudi Arabia Main Parameters

  • Lifting capacity: 1 Ton
  • Jib length: 2.5 M
  • Min hook height from construction ground: 2.8 M
  • Slewing range: 270 deg. (Manually)
  • Hoist: Electric chain Hoist of 1 ton capacity
  • Trolley: Electric operated
  • Cross travel motor: 0.4 KW
  • Hoist motor: 1.5 KW
  • Lifting speed: 6.6 M/MIN
  • Crane mounting type: Floor mounting

Advantages of Column Mounted Jib Crane – DQCRANES
Our Column Jib Cranes offer various advantages to the customers when put into use.

High-Speed Operation

  • Column mounted jib cranes are built with your high-speed operation needs in mind. In addition to quick rotation capacity, our jib cranes provide impressive positioning accuracy, ensuring that the job is not only done with quality and speed, but accuracy as well.

Column Mounted Jib Crane Adjustability

  • DQCRANES designs our column mounted jib cranes with the customer in mind. Our column mounted jib crane design with versatile that seamlessly adapts to any workplace. Additionally, a large operating range from 180 to 360 degree is made possible thanks to the generous swivel angle.

Ease of Operation

  • DQCRANES make it easy to understand how our products work! And with our Column Mounted jib crane, you additionally benefit from ergonomic support that reduces strain on workers. Our Column Mounted jib cranes are also able to provide excellent low-friction operation due to low-moving mass.

Durability in Column Mounted Crane Design

  • Built in accordance with several industry standards, our Column Mounted cranes are built to hold up under constant use. We have designed this crane with high-quality, wear-resistant components to ensure that you have a reliable jib crane that will withstand the test of time.

Why use a Jib Crane for Your Business?

  • Adding jib cranes to production facilities and manufacturing environments can help you increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce workplace injury. These cranes easily add lifting and handling devices into areas where they are needed. Jib cranes are complimentary to your existing processes, helping streamline your processes to make both equipment and operators more efficient.
  • Jib cranes are flexible to meet a wide variety of needs in manufacturing and assembly operations. They can be outfitted with a wide range of lifting devices to meet your process needs like chain hoists and balancers. Existing overhead crane systems in your facility allow for lifting and handling within a certain working envelope. Jib cranes can add additional capabilities to the area around existing cranes to make processes more effective, like adding in a small work cell or workstation area.
  • If you are looking for a way to add lifting capabilities into your tight floor plan or in an underutilized space within your production facility, a jib crane may be an option to explore. Well-known for its boom, a jib crane can be freestanding or wall-mounted to meet your unique needs. Adding a complimentary hoist and trolley will allow your operators to work within a work-cell area and minimize or eliminate manual lifting.

Buy jib crane from Dongqi Crane
As a jib crane manufacturer and supplier, Donqi Crane offers types of jib crane designs, and offers turnkey jib crane projects from jib crane design, jib crane production, to jib crane installation and maintenance for over the world. Generally jib cranes can be grouped into fixed jib crane, including, floor mounted jib crane and wall mounted jib crane, wall travelling jib crane, and mobile jib crane, etc.

Buy Pillar Jib Crane

Pillar jib crane specifications: Capacity: o.5-5t, Lifting height: 1-10m, Working class: A3. Buy jib crane at good jib crane price now.

Buy Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Wall mounted jib crane specifications: Capacity: o.25-1t, Lifting height: 1-10m, Working class: A3. Buy jib crane at good jib crane price now.

Buy Wall-travelling Jib Crane

Wall travelling jib crane specifications: Capacity: o.5-16t, Lifting height: 6-30m, Working class: A3. Buy jib crane at good jib crane price now.

Buy Mobile jib crane

Mobile jib crane specifications: Capacity: 0.125-0.5 ton, Lifting height: 3700-3900mm, working class: A3. Buy jib crane at good jib crane price now.

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