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These Vegetables can harm you if eaten without cooking

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Which vegetables should not be taken in raw form?

Well most of the vegetables can be eaten in raw form and can have the nutrition of the vegetable. But eating some of the vegetables can be very dangerous to health. When you eat the carrots, cucumber or neutralised radish from salad tray, you are literally selecting a very healthy option. In some cases, below mentioned vegetables should be avoided in their raw form. Because they can be a real danger to your health.


Eggplant / Brinjal contains a compound named solanine, which is reported to inhibit the absorption of mineral calcium in the body. Person with solanine poisoning shows symptoms of neurological and gastrointestinal disorders. Common symptoms of the problem are vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, cramping of the stomach, headache and dizziness.When you cook eggplant, it get neutralised of solanine.


Like eggplant, potatoes also contain the same compound solanine.  The pigment of the potato is a useful indicator to know the amount of solanine in the potato.  Green hue means a large amount of compound solanine. As potatoes grow in the soil or underground, potatoes do not get much exposure to the sunlight, which results in less concentration of compound solanine. If sunlight exposure is more, concentration of solanine will be high resulting in high toxicity levels which can be very dangerous. Potatoes also contain high level of starch which is not easily digested by the body.


Not all the beans are harmful for health if consumed in raw form. Some bean varieties like lima beans and hyacinth, are dangerous to body if consumed in raw form. These beans contain cyanogenic glycoside (Amino acid which is toxic to the body). When the plant in under attack or when picked, this chemical is produced by the plant. To remove this toxin, sock the beans in water and then ground them. Well do not worry much as poisoning will happen only when you consume the said beans in very large amounts.

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