5 Ton Adjustable Height Portable Gantry Crane to Philippines

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Recently a 5 ton portable gantry crane was supplied to the client in Philippines, he is from a injection molds manufacturing factory. The client used a portable jib crane in last two years, he felt the production efficiency is not well.

We communicated with the customer to fully understand the customer’s needs, and confirmed the parameters of the product required by the customer according to the customer’s usage scenarios and requirements.

The customer needs to lift the injection molds from the ground to the truck in their workshop, then confirmed to the customer the portable steel gantry crane he need is 5 tons of lifting capacity, lifting height of 4.8-6.8 meters, and span of 11 meter.

According to the customer’s requirements, we suggested an adjustable gantry crane can meet his needs. The customer requires us to quote him two quotations for manual adjustment and electric adjustment, and want to compare.

We provided customers with two quotations (Manual height adjustment and electric height adjustment), our customer chose the electric adjustable height one to maximum efficiency and save production cost.

We received the full payment from our client in one week, and we also began to arrange production for the customer. Our team was successful finished this project and delivered it within the deadline given to us by the client. This portable gantry crane and electric chain hoist is a versatile and low-cost lifting alternative to help the client fulfill all lifting requirements.
Client’s Feedback:
“We would also like to thank your company and technicians for the excellent prompt service that was provide to us in the delivery and set up of the 5 Ton Gantry Crane”. DQCRANES are able to design and create systems that offer full flexibility and reliability based on your organizations specific needs.

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Adjustable Portable Gantry Crane Design Features:

  • The height can be lowered in normal use, and the center of gravity can be lowered for easy operating.
  • Raise the main beam in special situations to meet various lifting materials and usage scenarios.
  • Easy to install on any flat hardened floor.
  • The walking wheels are outsourcing polyurethane, which can push smoothly with steering, and can manually adjust the walking direction.
  • Walking wheels with brakes, step on the brakes when lifting the goods. Put on the brakes when parked to prevent slipping, lifting will be more secure.
  • The four wheels can be selected to be universal wheels, which can meet the rotation of the space in a narrow space and can also be inclined.
  • Very economical.
  • Lightweight installation reduces installation time and costs.
  • Safe operating environment.
  • Small size, easy to disassemble and transport.
  • Rapid returns on investment can be achieved by increasing production efficiency.

Adjustable Gantry Crane for Sale to Philippines!
Adjustable portable gantry cranes supplied by DQCRANES, are very popular in Philippines, which perfect for applications where you need a portable and economical way to lift materials anywhere in your facility. DQCRANES supply types of adjustable gantry crane for your choice!

  • Adjustable Aluminum Gantry Crane – Max. Lifting capacity 5 Ton
  • Adjustable Steel Gantry Crane – Max. Lifting capacity 10 Ton
  • Adjustable Height Gantry Crane – Max. Lifting capacity 10 Ton
  • Adjustable Span Gantry Crane – Max. Lifting capacity 5 Ton

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