Bacteria unveil the unknown life of the oceanic crust

June 12, 2018

Difficult to access, the bottom of the oceans remains today largely unknown while it shelters the largest ecosystem of the planet, within the oceanic crust, under marine sediments. An unexplored environment that an international drilling program is beginning to reveal. The underwater laboratories were installed at 4,400 meters deep, on the mid-Atlantic ridge (yellow dot on […]

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8 medicinal plants to grow at home

April 12, 2018

Grow these medicinal plants at home! With these plants, you can especially treat rashes and prevent indigestion! Medicinal plants at home You too can cultivate a garden of healing plants both indoors and outdoors! In the past, monks and doctors cultivated medicinal plants in gardens specially designed for this purpose. Why would not you grow some of […]

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