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8 things to know before buying your plants

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 When spring is coming, a garden impatience wins you immediately? Before you rush to the nursery, consult our practical tips to choose your plants!

1. The best value for money.

Compare species, varieties of similar strength. The interesting promotions exist, the small plants malingres, barely rooted, too!

2. Dreams pictures.

You choose a plant from an image and description that, even if they look flattering, are close to reality. Be patient. Your plant, growing up, will someday look like the proposed artwork. Do not plant too tight to the volume of an adult subject.

3. On your order form.

Clearly indicate whether you are letting a nurseryman choose to replace an exhausted variety. If this mention is absent, it will complete of your order according to its cultures.

4. Beware of “mixed” varieties or “our choice”

Ideal for a flower garden to cut, they can cause a massive disaster (different heights, colors without harmony, staggered flowering dates)

5. The important thing is in the roots.

It is from them that the good recovery of the plant depends. Check that they are lining the sides of the pot properly without turning several times on their own, forming a “bun” at difficult pickup. A good hint: gently pull the plant; if the mound comes easily, carry your choice on a plant whose roots will be less narrow.

6. Prefer a stocky plant.

Eliminate filiform plants with elongated shoots. The fresh appearance of the foliage remains however

7. Choose a plant in buds.

If you buy a flowering plant in a container; it will flourish in your garden. Purchased in full bloom, it would wither quickly.

8. A plant in plastic packaging.

It’s simple, clean well identified, provided that stems and roots are completely dormant. Do not buy the subject if it shows pale, shriveled young shoots, especially if it is hot in the store. The plant will have suffered in its packaging and will not be able to face the cold during planting. In the same way, know to locate the small white roots which grow in the handle of potting soil at the bottom of the pack: they show that the plant has stayed too long in the store.

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