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LH Electric Hoist Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double girder overhead hoist crane
Hoist double girder overhead crane is a heavy duty double girder overhead crane with the electric hoist as the lifting mechanism, with the lifting capacity 5 ton to 63 ton, used for general material handling and lifting. The working class of the hoist double girder overhead crane is A3 to A5. Dongqi Crane offers unique double girder overhead crane designs for customers. The main specifications of electric hoist double girder overhead crane are as following for your reference.

Product Type

Eot Crane Lifting Capacity

Eot Crane Span Length

Eot Crane Working Class

Eot Crane Ambient Temperature

Components of electric hoist double girder overhead cane
The eletric hoist double girder eot crane is mainly consisted of the following crane components, such as, bridge frame, trolley, crane travelling mechanism, and electrical control system.

Electric hoist double girder overhead crane drawing
Application of electric hoist double girder overhead crane
As one kind of common material handling equipment, the electric hoist double girder overhead crane is widely used in machinery processing workshop, warehouses, yard, plants, and other places, etc. It also can be used as an alternative for double girder overhead crane, used in production workshop of textile industry and food industry, etc.

Advantages of electric hoist double girder overhead crane

  • compact structure, good rigidity,
  • easy operation, low noise,
  • low building height clearance,
  • light weight and small wheel pressure,
  • safe and reliable,
  • Attractive appearance, etc.

Features of electric hoist double girder overhead crane

  1. Double girder structure makes the crane bridge have sufficient strength, rigidity, and stability.
  2. Rail-in-middle box girder design thoroughly meets the requirement to strength, rigidity and stability.
  3. End beams designed with simple structure can be easily installed with main beam by high-strength bolts.
  4. CD or MD high quality wire rope electric hoist is used as lifting mechanism.
  5. Soft starting motors with light current is used with ground control.
  6. Dual-motor independent drive device is adopted to reduce the wear of rail gnawing and reduce the possibility of wheel climb off track fault, etc.
  7. Motor is directly controlled by contactor, which can make the motor achieve single and double speed and reversing control.
  8. Frequency converter is used to change the frequency and voltage of motor power to realize the function of speed adjustment control of motor.
  9. Multiple safety protection system is adopted, including short circuit protection, no-voltage protection, emergency power off switch protection, overload limit protection, travel limit protection, zero and chain protection, ground protection, etc.

PLC of Dongqi double girder overhead crane
Double girder overhead crane project pictures

Electric hoist double girder overhead crane – Dongqi crane

Double girder electric hoist overhead crane – Dongqi crane

Custom design of double girder overhead crane with hoist trolley
Double girder overhead crane offerings

European Double Girder Overhead Crane
FEM double girder overhead crane meets all the European crane standards with CE cerfiticates.
Fem double girder eot crane specifications:Crane Capacity of 5~ 80 ton,Span length:10.5~35.5m, Working class:A4~A7,

Electric Hoist Double Girder Overhead Crane
Electric hoist double gider overhead crane is widely used in machinery fabrication, metallurgical plant auxiliary workshop, storage, stock ground, and power station, textile industry and food industry.
Double girder eot crane specifications:Capacity:5~63 ton,Span Length:8m~32m,Working Class:A3~A5,

Hook Double Girder Overhead Orane
General use hook overhead crane is widely used to upload and move of normal weight in the fixed crossing space and also can work with various special-purpose hoist in special operations.
Hook double girder overhead crane specifications:Capacity:5-550 ton, Span length:10.5~35.5m, Working class:A4~A7,

Explosion Proof Double Girder Overhead Crane
Explosion proof overhead crane is designed for explosive gas atmospheres with explosion-proof electrical equipment.
EX-proof double girder eot crane specifications:Capacity:5~75 ton, Span Length:10.5~31.5m,Working Class:A4, A5,

Electromagnetic Double Girder Overhead Crane
The electromagnetic overhead crane is used in metallurgy factory or outdoor place to load and transport electromagnetic black metal materials, such as , steel ingot, merchant steel and pig iron, etc.
Electromangetic double girder eot crane specifications:Capacity:5~32 ton,Span Length:10.5~31.5m,Working Class:A5, A6,

Double Trolleys Double Girder Overhead Crane
The double trolley overhead crane is used to lift long and big loads.
Double girder eot crane specifications:Capacity:(2.5+2.5)~(200+200) ton, Span length:10.5~35.5m,

Insulation Double Girder Overhead Crane
The insulation overhead crane is used to handle electrolyse non-ferrous metals such as magnesium, aluminum.
Insulation double girder eot crane specifications:Capacity:5~50 ton,Span Length:10.5~31.5m,Working Class:A6,Ambient Temperature:-25~50℃,

Grab Bucket Double Girder Overhead Crane
Grab overhead crane is widely used in power station, storage, workshop, and port to load and unload scattered objects.
Grab bucket double girder eot crane specifications:Capacity:5~25 ton ,Span Length:10.5~34.5m,Working Class:A6,

Ladle Double Girder Overhead Crane
Ladle overhead crane are widely used in the smelting industry to convey, pour and charge the liquid hot metal in the process of smelting.
Double girder eot crane specifications:Capacity:5~74 ton,Span Length:10.5~31.5m,Working Class:A7,Ambient Temperature:-10~60℃,

Get your custom overhead crane design

Overhead crane: S= Crane Span, H= Lifting height

In order to give you suitable overhead crane solution and specific overhead crane price promptly, please help our overhead crane engineer to confirm the following information as much as possible:

  1. Types of overhead crane: (Single or double girder? European type or Common one? )
  2. Capacity:
  3. Span:
  4. Height of Lift:
  5. Power supply: (3phase? Voltage? Hz?)
  6. Bay/ Travelling Length:
  7. Quantity:
  8. Operation: Through Pendant/Radio Remote/Cabin Control
  9. Indoor/Outdoor:
  10. Application (What are you planning to lift) :
  11. Environment (Normal/ hazardous) :
  12. Building drawing if possible:
  13. Location:
  14. Industry type: (Eg: Auto, steel, sugar, stone, etc)
  15. Rail Existing/New: (Size in case of Existing)
  16. Number of Cranes in bay:
  17. Existing Structure/New Structure:
  18. Your full company address and contact details:

If you do not know about how to select the overhead crane, please feel free to leave us a message or email to The reply of our overhead crane engineer will be given within 24 hours. Get your custom design overhead crane.

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