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7 tips for making better food choices

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It is much easier to think of eating healthily. Just know how to choose your food.

1. Stay simple

As a general rule, the longer a food preserves its original form, the better it is. Opt for foods that have been little processed and whose list of ingredients is short. For example, it is difficult to make shorter than “apple”.

2. Stay practical

The best way to promote the consumption of these simple and healthy foods is to have them on hand, ready to be swallowed at a snack or meal . If you can not find a price, go for frozen foods, which are almost as rich in nutrients.

3. Be creative

On your next visit to the grocery store or public market, take fruits, vegetables, or grains that you have never eaten, or rarely , or try to prepare your favorite foods differently.

4. Think vegetal

A diet composed mainly of plant products can fill up with nutrients and fiber while filling the appetite . Opt for whole grains or products that contain them, and for fruits and vegetables with very colorful flesh, for example mango, blueberry, melon, tomato, red pepper and dark green leafy vegetables; they are usually richer in micronutrients. To increase your intake of fiber and nutrients, consume the skin, after having washed well.

5. Practice moderation

Since they are generally less nutritious, consume with moderation food products containing refined sugar .

6. Watch your portions

Carbohydrates are important nutrients, but you need to be careful about serving size and number. A bagel is three to five servings of bread and a large plate of spaghetti with three or more servings of pasta. Stay aware of your hunger and your feeling of satiety ; your body knows when you have eaten enough.

7. Watch out for little extras

The fillings, sauces and condiments add flavor to the dishes but can also significantly increase your calorie count and fat consumption.

Dr. Monika Mathur

Ph.D Yale University

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