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The weeds between the slabs

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How to weed our terrace? How can I get rid of the weeds that invade my terrace or driveway?

Eternal question of gardeners! Between the slabs of your terrace, in the driveway that leads to the garage, everywhere and especially where you do not want it, herbs continue to grow despite all your efforts ? I often see this question on the forums or gardening groups: I will write here once for all I think …

Frankly, the solution to your problem is simple: as long as there is some land left, life will settle in ! Sometimes even some rock plants will be satisfied with a hole in the sidewalk, like a cry of resistance ! In short, life settles where it can, sometimes, in spite of common sense – at least from a human point of view – and it’s actually rather good news . If nothing else grew, we would be well advanced, right?

So how?

  • The miracle product: the PTD! Take your Binette ! Clearly, weeding by hand is the least harmful solution! But we agree, it’s long, tedious, and we must repeat the operation often .
  • The other natural solution: change your look ! The dandelions that grow in the driveway, I ended up getting there and leaving them, and frankly, it’s not so serious. They feed the insects at the beginning of the season, they prevent my driveway from becoming muddy in case of heavy rains , and they are no more ugly than the bare land.
  • In some cases, it is the design of your space that may need to be reviewed! If your terrace is invaded and that really, you can not stand the sight of the smallest blade of grass between the joints, it is perhaps the moment to remake these famous joints , once and for all! Or spreading in the driveway a layer of BRF , which will also nourish the soil, protect your feet from moisture and mud, and help prevent these weeds from coming to bother you.
  • The boiling water is obviously a natural solution, even if, of course, it kills the life of the ground below, but it will be agreed that between the slabs of your terrace, that does not seem to you very serious . Only flaw: you will have to redo it regularly . Some use cooking water from potatoes or rice – same effect.
  • All so-called “natural” fashionable solutions: in particular, the use of widespread salt is no! Your garden is a living soil , not a summer salad !
  • The nettle manure highly concentrated is also toxic , including and especially for other plants in your garden.

Dr. Kanika Singla

Ph.D., IARI Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

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