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Illuminate your yard

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Sometimes it is enough lighting judiciously distributed in your court to create an atmosphere conducive to the evenings between friends. And the maintenance of your equipment is quite easy.

Maintain your lighting

An outdoor light or an entrance door lantern is often what guests first see when they arrive at home, so do not neglect them. If they start to rust, turn off the power in your lighting circuit by firing the fuse and scouring the rust with steel wool or wire brush. Then apply a rust inhibitor to all bare metal surfaces and then two coats of enamel rust-resistant paint. Replace broken protective glasses to prevent further damage.

Choose low voltage lighting

A low-voltage (12-volt) outdoor lighting pleasantly enhances the appearance of a yard. It sets the mood when the party moves outdoors, improves security and highlights your home, garden and pool at night. The low-cost lighting fixtures found in major DIY stores, however, have a limited life expectancy and do not offer the full range of possibilities that make it possible to landscape a yard to their liking.

Aluminum finishes finished with polyester powder are already much stronger and have a much better appearance. For a truly durable lighting system, however, look for copper, brass, bronze or solid stainless steel, as well as stainless steel frames. Take tempered glass lenses with high temperature resistant seals. Look for the words “water resistant” and “approved for outdoor”. When choosing the power of the transformer, plan the possible addition of additional luminaires.

Protect the external plugs

Check that the hinges of the covers and seals of your outlets are in good condition. If this is not the case, protect them with a sturdy plastic bag secured with string or tape until you repair or replace the damaged part. You can also use a plastic bag to protect temporary light fixtures, especially when there is a risk of falling snow.

Long life bulbs

Tired of taking out your ladder to replace the bulbs in your outdoor floodlights? The next time you climb it, take long-lasting bulbs with you. They hold 10 times longer than conventional bulbs – up to 20,000 hours – so you will not have to change your bulbs before long. Long-lasting, energy-saving fluorescent bulbs are now available on the market. They are approved for outdoor use, in weatherproof installations, of course.

Look after your equipment

Unplug or turn off your outdoor lighting at least once a year and remove any corrosion from the inside of the socket with a very thin steel wool pad (0000). This will prevent the bulbs from getting stuck in the sockets and make them easier to remove. Do not touch the bulbs with your fingers. The little grease that the skin will leave on the glass could create a point of tension that would reduce the life of the bulb, especially if it is a halogen bulb.

Dr. Monika Mathur

Ph.D Yale University

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