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Essential gardening tools

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You want to go gardening, but do not know where to start? First you need to get your hands on the right tools. A visit to the local gardening store can be daunting, the range of choices offered being stunning. Do not panic: you do not need all the tools on the market. Here is a small list of those that are indispensable to the gardener.

Spring is here and it’s time to use your green thumb. Read on to find out what tools are required for the gardening season.

Garden gloves

You should have several types of gloves. First, you need light, rubber-like gloves to work on wet soil and do delicate work such as transplanting or thinning. Also purchase good quality, resistant gloves to protect your hands during pruning and shoveling activities, to move rocks and perform a variety of demanding tasks. Make sure you choose the right size. Indeed, gloves just too uncomfortable and too large gloves make it difficult to handle tools or plants.


It is a valuable tool for moving plants, stones, soil, compost, mulch and weeds. So buy a wheelbarrow strong enough to allow you to accomplish all your work. Some models are equipped with two wheels, which facilitates the movement in uneven ground. The most expensive wheelbarrows are self-tipping, which avoids the effort to unload piles of stones to pile on each other.

Long-handled tools

The essentials of this category are the shovel or the spade and the rake with leaves. Some gardeners – especially those with vegetable plots – like picks. The edger is used to create clear boundaries between lawn and garden board and the rake is often used to level the floor into a new growing board or part of the lawn that needs to be re-seeded.

Hand tools

Hand tools are numerous, but the most commonly used are: trowel for transplanting or removing weeds, farmer to turn the soil and pike-ryegrass, specialized for pulling the pivoting roots like dandelions. There are other non-essential but useful hand tools, such as the bulb or small plant stand, the transplanter used for transplanting perennial or annual plants, and the shovel for the soil used to fill the containers with potting soil.

Tree pruners and loppers

Also known as pruning shears, these tools are often designed specifically for left-handed or right-handed gardeners. It is a good idea to buy a good quality pruning shears with carbon steel blades and an ergonomic style. Pruning work can be very tiring. Thus, using sharp blades to make sharp and clean cuts will be preferable. Hand pruners are only useful for branches not exceeding 1 cm in diameter. For larger branches, it will be necessary to provide you with a lopper, pruner resistant designed to cut branches with a diameter measuring up to 2.5 cm. The loppers have long handles and ratchet mechanisms that allow the gardener to cut the branches clearly, without much effort.

Pruning saws

Sometimes pruners and loppers do not allow hand work such as pruning large branches of trees or shrubs. The pruning saws have slightly curved toothed blades that cut the wood sharply without tearing the fiber. Folding pruning saws are compact, easy to store and transport safely, with the blade folding into the handle like a pocket knife.

Watering or watering lances

Whatever your water saving efforts, it may be necessary to use a garden hose or watering can to water potted plants or plants that have recently been transplanted into the earth. A good watering can should be easy to transport, hold and use. Many models come with a brass watering can, which turns the stream of water into a gentler spray for watering seedlings and small plants. The watering lances can be connected to the garden hose. They come in a variety of jet styles and designs and are ideal for pouring water into containers quickly and smoothly.

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