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Nectar or fruit juice: which one to choose?

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In the supermarket, nectars and fruit juices fill the shelves. But which of the two to choose?

Characteristics of fruit nectars

The nectars: some like, but know that if you are looking for fruit , better go your way. These drinks are composed of syrup, juice or fruit puree in low content (sometimes reconstituted), sugar and water. Their consumption is therefore of limited interest, both in terms of taste and vitamin intake .

Benefits of fruit juices

The juice , although tasty, is less rich in fiber than the fruit itself, even if it contains vitamins in significant quantities. It is especially interesting for those who consume little or no fruit. Oranges , clementines or grapefruits, juices can become the stars of your breakfasts. Easy to prepare, even if you only have a simple manual juicer, they will bring you the necessary vitamins for your day … provided they are consumed immediately.

You understand, for health, prefer the fruit juice, even the fruit itself!

Dr. Kanika Singla

Ph.D., IARI Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

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