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Indoor Plants: 6 Tips for Servicing

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Houseplants bring life to your home and inspire calm. Follow these simple tips to get a lush garden, summer and winter!

1. Choose the perfect place

If a room seems too dark to keep a plant healthy, follow your intuition! Most indoor plants come from tropical and subtropical regions, especially equatorial forests, and their growth is favored when light is abundant and filtered. The best place to arrange your plants is on the ledge of a large window facing east or west.

2. Respect the needs of your plants

If you have a plant that needs a lot of sun, place it on a windowsill facing north or northeast. Check the soil moisture levels and inspect the leaves regularly for signs of excess light such as burns. At the slightest sign of wilting, move it to the middle of the room.

3. Think of the bathroom!

Ferns and other species that seek warmth and moisture will be better in vaporous places like the bathroom.

4. Take care of the roots

Do not water your plants too generously! More plants die from excessive watering than drought. Splashing water plants can burn the more delicate roots. Instead, break your pots and place them on a plate in which you have previously poured water to nourish the roots. This method works well with more delicate species like fuchsias.

5. Keep them away from the calorifiers

If you do not want your plants to die of heat or cold, avoid placing them in areas with drafts, heat pipes, or air conditioning vents.

6. Apply fertilizer

Feed your plants with small amounts of fertilizer. The simplest and easiest solution is to use liquid fertilizer as recommended by the retailer every two weeks. Read the label!

Dr. Kanika Singla

Ph.D., IARI Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

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