Overhead Crane Uzbekistan: 5 Ton Overhead Crane to Uzbekistan

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In September 2022, two electric overhead single-girder cranes were manufactured by DQCRAANES, which the order from Land Group in Uzbekistan, which is one of the largest Middle East manufacturers of equipment and spare parts for agricultural machinery.

This enterprise has been importing and selling agricultural machinery of the famous world brands for more than 20 years. Two new 5 ton overhead traveling cranes (the same both in terms of technical characteristics and in terms of configuration), which this company ordered from DQCRANES, were needed by it to increase its production capacity.
Main technical characteristics of overhead cranes to Uzbekistan:

  • Load capacity – 5 ton
  • Lifting height – 7 meters
  • Crane span – 10.5 meters
  • Lifting-lowering speed – 0.8-8 m/min .;
  • Trolley travel speed – 2-20 m/min;
  • Operating mode group according to – A5;
  • Degree of protection of electrical equipment – IP54 (standard);
  • Execution – general industrial.

Complete set of delivered crane equipment:

  • Rope hoist type: CD1 wire rope hoist;
  • End beams – manufactured by DQCRANES;
  • Main bridge – a welded box-shaped beam;
  • Lifting-lowering limit switch;
  • Crane travel limit switch;
  • Limit switch for hoist movement;
  • Thermal protection of the lift motor;
  • Overload limiter;
  • Main contactor in the circuit;
  • Single speed radio control system;
  • Wired control panel.

Now the 5 ton overhead crane hase been exported to Uzbekistan already:

Types of bridge cranes for sale from DQCRANES:
Depending on the design features, DQCRANES produce the following types of bridge cranes: single-beam and double-beam, suspension and supporting, with electric or manual drive, hook, clamshell and special. For the transport of explosive goods and work in potentially explosive areas, it is possible to order an explosion proof crane version. Contact us to get more crane design and solutions.

One more question told to us from our customer is the crane operation, below is some tips to safer operation of overhead cranes:

  • When using a EOT crane to lift heavy objects, the hook wire rope should be kept non-vertical and the suspended objects should be dragged diagonally. Should find the center of gravity and the objects be tied firmly.
  • When lifting or lowering the weight of the crane, the speed should be uniform and stable to avoid sudden changes in the air, causing the load to swing, which is dangerous.
  • There are no people staying in the operating range of the crane, and try to avoid people passing through.
  • When the wind power of outdoor cranes exceeds level 6, work should be stopped immediately. Cut off the power and pull the wind rope. Usually the same thing should be done after get off work.
  • It is strictly forbidden to pile up debris on the crane platform. In order to prevent the operation from falling and hurting people, the frequently used tools should be placed in the special tool box in the operating room.
  • When the crane is running, the operator’s hand should not leave the crane remote control. If there is a sudden failure during the operation, measures should be taken to safely land, then cut off the power supply, and immediately seek professional maintenance staff to come and repair it.
  • In summary, the overhead crane operation relates to the construction of organization, operation design, planning, equipment selection, operation skills, construction experience, mutual cooperation, work with a variety of factors, environmental characteristics, climatic factors and so on.
  • Therefore, in order to guarantee the crane safety, it is necessary to attach great importance to construction management, personnel operation and other aspects, operate the EOT crane according to scientific strictly.

Learn about more information of overhead cranes supplied by DQCRANES, please feel free to contact us now!

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