Double Girder Electric Hoist – QDX European Hoist to Vietnam

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What is Double Girder wire rope hoist?
Double girder wire rope hoists which are also known as crab hoists are similar to monorail wire rope hoists. Double girder electric wire rope hoists designed for more intense operation for cranes with two girders, often known as Crab Units, the industrial quality hoists can be supplied with capacities up to 150 Tonnes with single or dual speed capabilities as well as optional extended heights of lift.

This allows you to carry larger weight capacities with greater ease and movement. The double girder wire rope hoists come with single or dual speed capabilities as well as optional extended heights of lift. The low headroom wire rope hoists are safe to use when moving heavy items internally through a workspace.

Fully competant sales team at DQCRANES can provide you with advice and costings on a Wire Rope Hoist to suit your Double Girder Crane, advising on particular models to suit the application such as more confined units for use in projects where there is confined headroom or models with particularly high speeds to increase productivity.

All of our Crab Hoists can be fitted with optional Radio Control Systems which are a popular choice in applications where the operator needs to be a safe distance from the load or to enable an alternative view of the load, often required in applications such as Nuclear, Hydroelectric, and sometimes manufacturing industries.
QDX Double Girder Hoist For Sale!
QDX electric hoist supplied by DQCRANES, is an European standard electric hoist, tailored to meet your specific requirements. The modular design of the hoists and trolleys allow a wide variety of application-specific designs. Lightweight, Modular design, and Advanced manufacturing process. It greatly reduces the user’s crane construction costs and crane operating costs, and improves the cranes overall quality and performance.

Choose from an abundance of special features, such as outdoor protection and special temperature ranges, specialty hooks and provisions for below the hook devices, precision load and sway controls, maintenance platform, centralized lubrication for ease of maintenance and extra durable hardened hoist drum and sheaves.
QDX 20 Ton Electric Hoist For Sale to Vietnam

European-spec QDX Electric Hoist Design Features:

  • Modular components, simple maintenance and cost effective.
  • Integrated drop stop for safe operation.
  • Easy operation with ergonomically designed control pendant.
  • Compact design with excellent side approach dimensions.
  • Long service life thanks to robust gearbox.
  • Universal travel wheels and guide rollers with less running noise and low-wear running.
  • Variable trolley adjustment for large flange widths with safe and reliable operation, quick and easy installation.
  • Two directly driven travel wheels for extra safe and precise travel.
  • Geared motor for long service life.

Why Choose QDX Hoist?
Heavy-duty lifting requires heavy duty electric hoist solutions. The QDX European-spec Electric Hoist Trolley helps you to rise above the most demanding material handling applications.

Compact Design:

  • Extra hard wheels with high rotation accuracy and durability bearings extend the lifetime of the runway and wheels. The perpendicular hook and sheave design reduces stress and wear on the wire rope. The rugged design of the QDX electric hoist helps to save you on the lifetime costs of your equipment as well as costly downtime.

High Safety:

  • Our standard overload limiter with built-in condition monitoring assists in the safe operation of your equipment and allows for predictive maintenance monitoring. The two-point drum suspension allows the gearbox and hoist motor to articulate when the rope drum is bent under load, meaning no misalignment in the connection between the rope drum drive end and gearbox and extended gearbox bearing life.

High Efficient:

  • Our hoists are built around key components (motors, gearboxes, control systems, and software) that are designed and manufactured in-house and are made specifically for the crane industry. This approach gives us the flexibility to supply the right-sized components with high-quality and smooth operation for your lifting needs.

Get Double Girder Hoist Price!
The double girder wire rope hoists we supply can be matched with overhead cranebridge cranegantry crane. If you need a double girder wire rope hoist for your uniquely designed workspace, please feel free to contact us, we are very pleased to supply you with quality electric hoists to meet your specific needs.

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