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The Agriculture Natural is an agricultural practice of “laissez faire” as much as possible the nature, refusing to intervene in natural processes. It is based on the idea that nature, when left to its own free will, is perfectly capable of providing humans with all the essentials for their livelihood.

The principles of natural agriculture

In his book  Strand Revolution , Masanobu Fukuoka formulated several principles to define natural agriculture, also called wild agriculture: do not plow the field, do not add fertilizer or pesticides, do not remove weeds, do not prune crops, etc. The only authorized human activities are seeding and harvesting. Nothing more.

The results obtained by natural agriculture

After more than 30 years of research in Japan, Masanobu Fukuoka has managed to cultivate a very resistant rice variety ( through a natural selection process ) that yields yields close to those of industrial agriculture. But for the moment, it must be recognized that natural agriculture has not gone beyond the stage of experimentation and remains very marginal in the world.

The research conducted by Masanobu Fukuoka has been adapted in France by agronomists Claude Bourguignon and Marc Bonfils. For more information, contact the Technical Institute of Natural Agriculture, a French association created in 2005 that seeks to develop and promote the method of natural agriculture.

Dr. Jake Paul

Ph.D Plant Pathology, University of Georgia

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