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Test area in Agriculture

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An innovative solution for sustainable agricultural installations

The test space is an innovative solution for sustainable agricultural installations. It combines the approach to allow holders of agricultural projects to test, validate, create in a secure environment while being a complementary tool to existing systems in the context of progressive installation.

The agricultural activity test, why?

To redeploy local agriculture

In recent years, in urban, peri-urban and even rural areas, there has been a strong demand for quality and local food products, which the current supply cannot meet. This supply / demand imbalance, observed in all regions of France, concerns all segments of the local market: AMAP, baskets, markets, collective catering, distribution networks …

The redeployment of local agriculture within the framework of Local Food Systems (systems based on cooperation between producers, supply managers, consumers and local development actors) would meet the expectations of consumers and society.

  This issue concerns all the players in the territory who wish to work for the creation of local jobs by installing young people or project leaders in agriculture, diversifying production, maintaining (or even regaining) agricultural land … To encourage the installation of people from outside the agricultural sector

The agricultural installations (takeover or creation) carried out “in a family setting” have been in constant decline for several decades. Also, the renewal of generations in agriculture will necessarily have to rely on new assets, outside the agricultural world. Such an audience (called Hors Cadre Familial) attracted by this type of installation exists; however, by its specificities and the particular difficulties it may encounter, it invites to rethink the support of agricultural installation projects to ensure their sustainability.

To secure the installation paths for agricultural project promoters

The journey to the facility is made more difficult for people not from the agricultural world, who may encounter a number of obstacles:
  Lack of experience and practice of the profession;
  Managing the transition between “urban” lifestyle and agricultural activity;
  Access to land and housing;
  Personal and professional integration in the territories and the agricultural environment;
  A lack of technical, commercial and entrepreneurial skills;
  A lack of support tools and benchmarks for this type of facility.

  • Limiting the risk and providing support through a network of farmers and partners helps to remove these various obstacles to enable sustainable installations.
  • The test of agricultural activity is part of a gradual installation.

The agricultural activity test: What is it?

The agricultural activity test consists of testing – while being accompanied by a network of trained tutor farmers – a project for the creation of an agricultural activity, in a secure legal and material framework, in a given place and for a defined time . During this test phase, there is no actual creation of an agricultural business, but a real-life scenario in a registered structure that “houses” the project leader.

This test allows:
  To put into practice and develop your personal skills, by comparing them with those of experienced farmers;
  Experiment with the technical and economic feasibility of your project;
  To verify the adequacy between this project, its motivations, its personal capacities and the territory of installation;
  To test its activity in a secure environment with risk taking and progressive investments, allowing in particular to evaluate the opportunities in terms of outlets;
  Take the time to forge links with the various players in the territory;
 To conduct land research and the technical, economic and financial set-up of its future project with the various players concerned (SAFER, ADASEA, chambers of agriculture, banks, local authorities, etc.);
  To build over the long term an installation project (alone or with others) or to calmly and without frustration consider a conclusion other than the agricultural installation (agricultural workers, modification of the project, postponement of the installation, reconversion) if the test leads the project leader to conclude that it is not relevant.

A new form of territorial cooperation

The agricultural activity test does not replace existing devices in terms of installation support. It helps to fill a gap in terms of support for the public outside the family framework, particularly in the context of progressive installations; as such it complements the offer offered in the territories. It differs from internship and tutoring by the autonomy and responsibility of the project leader, from the act of production to the marketing of its products. 

It is complementary to the new installation path – the Personalized Professional Path, PPP – in which it can be offered to candidates in addition to tutoring or more traditional internships. It also helps support project leaders who do not fall within the scope of the assisted facility (over 40 years for example).

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