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Use of technology in Agriculture and Agricultural mobile applications

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The dynamic growth of mobile communication technology is creating opportunities for economic development, social empowerment and grassroots innovation in developing countries. It provides agricultural and rural development (ARD) by providing access to information, market and services to millions of rural residents. In 2015, there were 720 million mobile phone users in India, out of which 320 million were rural mobile phone users.

This estimate includes 50 million smartphone users with internet facility. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, this (rural mobile phone users) part of rural India will reach 48 percent by 2020.

In the initial days, number of mobile phones was very less, but nowadays mobile phones are being used everywhere in every field, people are doing big businesses on mobile. Farmers are also adopting this technology on a fast pace.

Our farmers should make the maximum use of mobile apps; with the help of these mobile applications, farmers can work with latest items and market prices, pesticides and fertilizers, precision utilization of farm and farm related news, weather forecasts and consultants. It also provides agricultural advice and news about the government’s agricultural policies and plans.

Therefore Mobile applications software has been designed to take advantage of mobile technology and it can be developed for technology besides mobile phones.

Installing the application

Google Play Store is an official of Google application store for android terminals. App Store, which we call the Play Store. All agricultural based applications can be downloaded and installed from here. This app comes with a cleanly designed design interface, where you can move seamlessly between different categories. All mobile apps can be freely downloaded and installed in our phone and farmers can see all the farm based information, such as crops, crop insurance, crop disease, all crop based information, agricultural based inputs or inputs, products at what prices are said to be sold.

Use of mobile phones in agricultural marketing

Before long distance travel to markets, mobile phones provide latest information about crop prices, and it saves the time and money of the farmers.
Mobile phones ensure that farmers can negotiate a deal with traders and can improve their timing in the market for selling their harvest.
Mobile technology allows our farmers to weather important weather data so that they can manage their crops properly. And accordingly, can get the market and get the fair value of the crop.
Mobile technology gives a package of information to farmers, which keeps changing their production and needs priorities to the whole cycle.
To reduce the inequalities of information among traders and producers, reduce the cost of transactions, increase the ability to improve the farmers’ production strategies, and speed up the pace of change in consumer demand and marketing channels.
Mobile phones are used to improve the income from farms and other rural businesses and to build trust with business partners, and it becomes a good way between farmers and traders who help them in the future.
The mobile phone is an integral part of the innovative partnership which we also call Innovative Partnership, which facilitates direct communication with corporations and traders, and through the ability to supply the product from time to time, based on the requirements of quality completion.
Suppliers or Suppliers can use mobile phones to do real-time market research; In a very short time, farmers and traders can purchase and sell entire truck loads standing on the road.
Through mobile phones farmers and merchandise can increase the freight traffic such as monitoring, coordinating and coordinating the production, distribution and security of the product.
Farmers get more efficient use of existing storage, packaging, transport and processing facilities through mobile phones.
Mobile phones are becoming more useful for disposable crops, which we call people like birds, and farmers are especially capable of arranging transport especially.

Kisan Suvidha

Play Store link

This app was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2016 to work towards the empowerment of the farmers and the development of the villages. It provides information about current weather and forecast for the next five days, provides knowledge on the market value of items and crops in the nearest city, fertilizer, seeds, machinery etc. This usefulness increases due to the availability of these apps in different languages.


This app was launched in 2015 and is managed by IFFCO Farmer, a subsidiary of Fertilizer Cooperative Limited, Indian Farmers. Its aim is to help Indian farmers make informed decisions through customized information related to their needs.

Users can access many diverse informative modules, including agricultural consultants, weather, market value, agricultural information library, in the form of text, imagery, audio and video in the selected content in the profile profile profile level. The app also provides helpline numbers to get in touch with Kisan Call Center services.

RML Farmer or Farm Friend (RML Farmer – Krishi Mitr)

It is also a kind of agricultural app where farmers can work with latest items and market prices, pesticides and fertilizer, precision utilization of farm and farm related news, weather forecasts and consultants.

It also provides agricultural advice and news about the government’s agricultural policies and plans. The user can choose from more than 450 crop varieties, 1300 mandis and 3500 weather places in 50,000 villages and 17 states. It works with the help of specific tools designed to provide or provide information about various aspects of farming patterns.

Crop Insurance

This application helps farmers to calculate insurance premiums for informed crops and provides information cut-off dates and company contacts for their crop and location. It can also be used in any notified area for the general insurance amount of any reported crop, extended sum insured, premium details and subsidy information. It is further linked to its web portal, in which all stakeholders including farmers, states, insurance companies and banks have been completed.


Is a mobile application which includes details of the products sold in those markets in the agricultural markets, market days, farmers, agricultural equipment, agricultural news and various districts of Uganda and South Africa. This application or App enables farmers to upload information about their produce.

Farming (Kheti-Badi Organic (Original)

It is a social initiative application aimed at promoting and supporting the organic farming and providing important information or issues related to farmers in India. As we are aware, agriculture is heavily dependent on genetically modified seeds, chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This app helps farmers convert their chemical cultivation into organic farming. However, this app is currently only available in four languages ​​(Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati).

Krishi Gyan

This app works on an equal footing in the form of WhatsApp communication, but it is considered better because people with mobile numbers do not need to be connected. In addition to giving general information about farming, this application enables Indian farmers to connect with agricultural knowledge experts and ask questions related to agriculture and get answers within the application through information. Farmers and agricultural enthusiasts can also share their answers with each other

Pusa Agriculture (Pusa Krishi)

Play Store link

This app was launched by the Union Agriculture Minister, Shri Radha Singh Ji in 2016 and the objective is to help the farmers to get information about the technologies developed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) This will help in increasing the income or returns to the farmers.

ZTM&BPD Unit; ICAR-IARI, New Delhi is leading 14 ICAR institutes of North Zone-I. The unit strives to be a strong link between the research community and the outside world. It promotes Agribusiness Ventures through technology development and commercialization for everyone from a corporate to an individual farmer. We have a variety of technologies / products for commercialization. Some technologies may be market ready, however some may require validation and some may require up scaling. We license our technologies to both private and public sectors.


Play Store link

AgriData is a yield management tool for fruit crops. The full AgriData solution includes a camera for automatic data collection and a plant level database to store all of your data with an unmatched level of precision.
The AgriData scouting app help you record plant-level observations in the field. The observations are stored in the AgriData database and can then be accessed through the AgriData web portal.


Play Store link

My Agri Guru is the Best among all Agriculture apps in India in Hindi and english which has been specifically designed for Indian farmers. It aims to assist them in their journey towards better and innovative farming while boosting their incomes. This agriculture app in India will make sure every farmer in India has access to the latest agricultural technology and techniques so that they are able to raise healthy crops and in turn contribute to a healthy living of the entire nation, while doing profitable farming.

This is a Kisan app that connects the Indian Kisan with all other Kisan and Agricultural Experts across India, hence providing a platform to offer and receive agri-advisory with each other, share innovative kheti badi practices and discuss any issues like crop protection, organic farming, their success stories, changing mandi bhav, weather conditions and more.


Play Store link

The mission of the FarmRise™, Mobile Farm Care app is to help the Indian farmer community optimize their resources and maximize their yield and profits by utilizing the information we provide.

The FarmRise™, Mobile Farm Care app provides valuable information in the form of local weather updates, present day best agronomic advisory, the latest commodity price data, information about major Agri Trade-shows , government policies and important agriculture related news to farmers at their fingertips.This multi lingual & completely free app will provide extremely practical, effective, customized (by using the auto geo location functionality) and useful farming insights to farmers. This app has no paid services or hidden charges and is completely FREE OF COST.

National Agricultural Market (e-NAM)

Play Store link
National Agriculture Market (NAM) is a pan-India electronic trading portal promoted by a Government of India which networks the existing mandis to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities. Purpose of the mobile App is to facilitate remote bidding by traders and access to arrivals and price related information to farmers and other stake holders on their smart phones.

Krishi trade

Play Store link

“Agricultural Produce” means non MRP produce meant for price discovery on Krishi Trade’s Enquiry & Quotations platform. This platform is ideal for farmers and traders (Buy & Sell). Thus farmers or traders can create “Buy” or “Sell” enquiries or view such enquiries created by others and submit quotes / bids.

Example: Cereals and Pulses, Seeds , Spices , Fruits , Vegetables, Dry Fruits & Nuts, Edible Oils, Essential Oil, Flowers, Fertilizers, Beverages & Juices, Fodder, Dairy Products, Aromatic Plants, Herbal Products, Coconut and Coir Products, Meat & Poultry Food, Processed Foods & Snacks, Pickles and Condiments, Marine Food Supplies, Other Miscellaneous Agro Products.

“Farm Equipments” or “Agri Products” means products on MRP / fixed price, available for purchase by farmers or general agri consumers (processing companies / hotels, etc). These are listed in “Enquiries” tab on integrated “cart” or e-commerce marketplace platform.

Example: Farmers can buy MRP products such as farm equipments, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Similarly general consumers (bulk buyers, processing companies, hotels, etc) can buy fruits-vegetables-floor-pulses etc on fixed prices for sale listed by marketplace suppliers.

Supply-chain means sorting, grading, storing, packaging, warehousing, transportation & distribution logistics.

Krishi Trade aims to simplify procurement, supply-chain & sales for farmers & traders and thus have agriculture produce price discovery platform integrated with e-commerce platform for procurement and supply chain platform of Truck Dial in one common mobile app: Krishi Trade. It is simple solution, recently being encouraged by governmnent having vast scalable social impact in huge & highly potential agricultural / agri processing market.

Mera kisan

Play Store link is an online digital tool to help consumers in India who value fresh food and goods sourced from local Kisans (Farmers). This portal has been developed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of consumers in search of quality farmers and also to create visibility of those Kisans who are producing quality Agro Products.

Big Haat

Play Store link

BigHaat is the India’s largest agriculture platform. BigHaat provides agriculture inputs directly to the farmers doorstep. BigHaat provides access to latest agriculture technology and techniques to Indian farmers. Our aim is to make agriculture more profitable.

BigHaat is working with several leading agri inputs suppliers across India to bring their products on BigHaat platform and providing transparent, competitive and quality services directly to farmers. BigHaat platform not only ensures listing of the products, but connects buyers with the suppliers for pre & post-sale support providing seamless end to end user experience. This platform reduces widening gap between sellers and buyers in agriculture domain and benefits suppliers/sellers to improve their operational efficiency and productivity. The platform continues to bring wide range of agri products (seeds, plant nutrition, pesticides instruments, accessories etc), services and solutions to serve end-to-end agri community needs.

BigHaat has partnered with several leading brands including Monsanto, DuPont-Pioneer, Monsanto-Seminis, Mahyco, Fito, Namdhari, UPL, Indus (I&B), BioSeed, Nuziveedu, Privi Life Sciences, Camson Bio and others. We are working with several other leading brands in horticulture & field crops, agro-chemicals, and specialty nutrients to expand our portfolio.


Play Store link

Krushikendra India’s first Online Agriculture Mega Store selling seeds, pesticides, fertilisers ,micronutrients, surfactants,  speciality chemicals , Agri machinery , Agro pumps,Plant growth regulators ,Solar pumps , Agriculture books and Cd’s and various Agri Inputs with free shipping facility. All agriculture related products are available in stock for sale online on krushikendra, with Credit card payment facility and free shipping. On krushikendra a farmer can get all the agriculture related items like seeds , pesticides, fertilisers ,micronutrients, surfactants, speciality chemicals ,agri machinery ,agro pumps, plant growth regulators, solar pumps, agriculture books and Cd’s and various Agri Inputs. Krushikendra has a helpdesk, live chat, Toll Free Number for helping the farmers to give a detailed information about the product that you are buying or answering your queries.

Raj Mandi

Play Store link

The application will provide information and features related to the Agricultural Marketing Department of Rajasthan. Features of this app are first – Commodity Rates and Arrivals, Second – Active Auctions, Third – Traders and Brokers

Live market

Play Store link

This is a free app on which the price of farmer, treader, headcar and specular M.E.x., MCX copper price, the cost of MCX zinc, MC. Price of MCX, Price of MCX, Price of MCX, Price of MCX, MCX Lead Price, Free MCX Live Price Price of NCDEX barley, ee

Krishi Bazar

Play Store link

App is useful for agriculture community and agriculture produce traders see the market price on their mobile. See agriculture produce price from all indian market in hindi language. Application is showing previous day closing price on market of farm product. Select date to see the prices of particular date.


Play Store link

IFFCO Bazar mobile app is the buyer/ seller meeting platform, where buyer and seller can list down/ post free ad with their expectation to trade products or services.
IFFCO Bazar mobile app can work as a great tool for rural India where seller can sell there produce faster with increase his profits and at other hand a prospect buyer can search and purchase anything he require. IFFCO Bazar mobile app is not only convenient for user to use but also makes their daily life simpler.
IFFCO Bazar mobile app is full of facilities like instant alert for updates, notification when buyer/ seller take interest on your post.

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