2 Ton KBK Crane for Machine Tool Manufacturing in Australia

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In the industrial sector, material handling plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and optimizing productivity. To meet these requirements, companies often rely on advanced lifting equipment, such as KBK crane systems. This month, DQCRANES exported a 2 ton KBK single girder suspension crane to a client in Australia who needed an efficient material handling solution for their machine tool operations.
What is KBK Single Girder Suspension Crane?
The KBK single girder suspension crane is a lightweight, versatile crane that is ideal for a variety of applications, including manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics. The light crane system consists of lightweight steel profiles, meaning that it is hung from the ceiling or other overhead support structures. This makes it ideal for use in areas with limited floor space, as it does not require any floor-mounted supports.

The KBK single girder suspension crane is available in a variety of capacities and configurations to meet the needs of any application. It can be equipped with electric chain hoists, used to lift and move loads weighing up to 2 tons, and it can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as grapples, magnets, etc.
Customer Background:
Our client, a well-known Australian machine tool manufacturer, faced significant challenges when handling workpieces within its factory. As demand for their products continues to increase, they need reliable material handling solutions to improve operational efficiency and ensure worker safety.

  • The customer’s main requirement was to handle workpieces weighing up to 2 tons with optimal precision and control.
  • Since their facility had a limited footprint, they needed a freestanding crane system that wouldn’t take up valuable floor space.
  • Additionally, the customer required a solution that could be easily integrated into their existing production workflow without disrupting their operations.

KBK Crane System Design Solutions:
After assessing the customer’s requirements and challenges, our team devised a comprehensive design solution around the KBK single-girder suspension crane.  KBK light crane systems offer an ideal combination of flexibility, efficiency, and space-saving features.

In order to meet our customers’ needs for precise load positioning, we integrate electric chain hoists into the KBK crane system. This enables smooth, controlled movement of the workpiece on the machine tool while minimizing the risk of damage or accidents.
KBK Crane Design Details:

  1. 1.Beam: The beam is the main structural member of the crane. It is typically made of steel and is designed to support the weight of the crane and its load.
  2. 2.Trolley: The trolley is a movable carriage that travels along the beam. It supports the hoist and load.
  3. 3.Hoist: The chain hoist is the device that lifts and lowers the load. It is typically powered by an electric motor.
  4. 4.End stops: The end stops are located at each end of the beam and prevent the trolley from running off the end.
  5. 5.Electrical controls: The electrical controls allow the operator to control the movement of the crane and the hoist.

Safety devices:

  • Overload protection: KBK cranes are equipped with overload protection devices that prevent the crane from lifting more weight than it is designed to handle.
  • Emergency stop: KBK cranes are equipped with emergency stop buttons that allow the operator to quickly stop the crane in the event of an emergency.
  • Limit switches: KBK cranes are equipped with limit switches that prevent the trolley and hoist from running beyond their predetermined travel limits.

Design Features:

  • Lightweight and modular: KBK crane systems’ lightweight steel profiles and modular design allow easy installation and reconfiguration, allowing customers to quickly adapt the system to changing production requirements.
  • Space saving: By suspending the crane system from the structure, it efficiently utilizes the available vertical space, leaving the floor area unencumbered by other operations.
  • Precise load positioning: The addition of the electric chain hoist ensures the precise positioning of the load and improves the operating efficiency of the customer’s machine tool.
  • Smooth traveling motion: The track layout and smooth traveling motion of the KBK crane system can move workpieces easily and quickly, thereby reducing downtime between processes.

Why KBK Crane Getting More Popular?

  • Improved efficiency: KBK crane systems improve customers’ material handling operations by streamlining workflows, minimizing handling time and reducing the risk of manual error or damage.
  • Optimum Space Utilization: By eliminating the need for floor-mounted crane systems, customers can maximize their footprint for other critical processes, thereby increasing overall productivity.
  • Safety and worker well-being: The precise load positioning and smooth movement provided by KBK crane systems significantly reduces the risk of accidents and ensures worker safety and well-being.
  • Flexibility for future expansion: The modular design of KBK crane systems can be easily expanded or reconfigured to accommodate future growth and changing production needs.

KBK single girder suspension cranes are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Manufacturing: KBK cranes are commonly used in manufacturing facilities to lift and move materials such as workpieces, raw materials, and finished products.
  • Warehousing: KBK cranes are also used in warehouses to lift and move materials such as pallets, boxes, and drums.
  • Automotive: KBK cranes are used in automotive assembly plants to lift and move car bodies, engines, and other components.
  • Food and beverage: KBK cranes are used in food and beverage processing plants to lift and move ingredients, packaging materials, and finished products.

Combining a KBK single girder suspension crane with an electric chain hoist has proven transformative for our Australian customers. The design solution provides efficient material handling, increases operational productivity, and ensures worker safety. Whether it is a workstation crane, a free standing crane or a monorail crane system, the versatility and performance of KBK light crane systems make them ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

The KBK single girder suspension crane has been a valuable asset to the customer’s business. The crane has improved productivity, efficiency, and safety. The customer is very satisfied with the crane and would recommend it to other businesses with similar needs. Contact us to get your KBK crane system today!


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