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Why eat more fish

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Fish is a key part of a healthy diet. Find out why you should eat more

Most Canadians do not eat enough fish. On average, we are missing 45 grams to meet the two 75-g portions per week recommended by Health Canada. There would be a little effort to make there, for the happiness of our heart.

“One of the biggest problems in our western culture is that we do not eat enough omega-3s, ” says William Harris, director of metabolism and nutrition research at the University’s Sanford Research Center. South Dakota and world expert on the nutritional role of fish. “The benefits of fish far outweigh the theoretical risk of cancer posed by contaminants,” he adds.

In a study published in July 2008 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology , it was found that the incidence of cardiovascular disease was half as high among Japanese, who consume an average of 100 grams of fish per day, North Americans “Sources such as flaxseed oil are not as effective as fatty fish for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease,” says Carol Dombrow, a registered dietitian for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Two meals of fatty fish a week can provide the recommended intake of omega-3 (500 mg), adds William Harris.

A diet rich in fish could help prevent Alzheimer’s and kidney cancer. Fish also plays an important role in the development of the fetal brain, and it is a very good source of protein and contains little saturated fat, but plenty of vitamins and minerals.

With the help of dieticians, environmental experts and researchers who are studying the role of fish in the diet, we have chosen five fish that share in their richness in omega-3, a low rate of contamination, a good conservation status and an incomparable flavor. Also note that frozen fish, a practical solution, has the same nutritional value.

It is also a food of amazing ease of preparation. “It only takes a few minutes to steam it and a whole baked fish will be ready in less than half an hour,” says Laura Calder, host of the French Food at Home culinary network .

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