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5 pros tips to clean the yard and garden

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The snow and ice melted, but the winter storms left the gardens in dire need of spring cleaning. Here are some tips from the pros of organizing!

1. Remove debris.

If winter, wind, rain and snow have damaged your trees, start cleaning by picking up fallen branches and scattered branches. If your city does not pick up garden waste regularly, consider whether there are spring collection days or if there is a recovery station nearby where to leave them. You can also rent a shredder in a garden center or DIY center and transform your branches into mulch.

2. Collect dead leaves and twigs.

Last year’s leaves will make excellent compost, but not if they prevent sunlight from reaching the grass. Rake the yard and the flower beds well. If you are not planning to compost, see if your municipality is arranging to collect the bagged leaves.

3. Cut and cut.

Prune bushes and hedges damaged by winter, as well as all perennials that appear to overgrow. Cut damaged tree branches within reach and have a professional pruner take care of the rest

4. Make your plans.

If you want to make changes to your landscaping, make a sketch of your land and indicate what types of trees, shrubs or plants you want to add. It is best, even for seasoned home gardeners, to consult a gardener or landscaper at the nursery before making final decisions and shopping.

5. Start planting.

Check the planting dates of your new purchases. Plants, trees or shrubs strong enough to survive the cool nights of spring can be planted immediately.

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