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11 things you will not learn at the community garden

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 Grow beautiful healthy plants using these easy and inexpensive tips when gardening.

Tea is a natural fertilizer

• Water your ferns and acidophilic plants, such as hydrangeas, with infused tea to make the leaves look good.

• To supplement them, sprinkle new or used tea leaves among the plants and cover them with mulch; when you water them, the nutrients in the tea will be released into the soil.

Newspapers make excellent mulch

• Cover the soil with several sheets of newspaper and spread mulch over it; they will help retain moisture and weed out weeds.

• Season tomatoes at the end of the season by wrapping them in a few sheets of newspaper after you have picked them. Keep them in an airtight container in a cupboard or cupboard without light and take a look at it every two or three days.

• Add wet, shredded newsprint to compost to eliminate odours.

Banana peels are the best friends of the rose bush

• Protect your rose bushes from aphids by burying dried banana peels or cutting them in pieces to one or two inches in the soil around the plant (the whole peels will attract the animals, which will dig them up).

• If you want more butterflies in your garden, place some Swiss bananas – or another bletch fruit – on an elevated platform. Be sure to place them above the level of the head and elsewhere than in the center of your garden, as they will also attract bees and wasps. Take food indoors before sunset to avoid attracting unwanted hungry animals.

Aluminum foil repels insects

• Mix strips of aluminum foil in your mulch and keep the insects away. The aluminum foil will also reflect the light on the plants, which will promote their growth.

• If you have problems with crows or birds, hang strips of aluminum foil in the plants to scare them. You can also attach strips of foil or shells wrapped in this type of paper to make the larger animals jump.

Salt eliminates pests in a natural way

• Get rid of snails and slugs by spraying them with salt – they will not survive long.

• You can also prevent weed growth in sidewalk cracks by making a solution of one cup of salt in two cups of water and spraying the plants directly.

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