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All about “Flageolet”, a nutrient-rich legume

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The health benefits of flageolet

Fight against anemia

With its high iron content, flageolet is a good ally to prevent anemia and promote good oxygen transport in the body.

Good quality vegetable protein

The flageolet is part of the legume family, so it is a good quality food to integrate into your daily ration if you are vegetarian or vegan to guarantee a good supply of vegetable proteins.

Low calorie

It is a starchy food that remains moderate in terms of calories, compared to other foods that are part of starchy foods. It can therefore be completely integrated into a slimming diet, it is also one of the easiest beans to digest.

Nutritional values ​​of green flageolet

Per 100g of dry flageolet

Water 8.5g


Carbohydrates 42.1 g
Fat 2.6g
Protein 19.1g
Fibers 23.4g
Copper 0.68 mg
Iron 7.3 mg
Magnesium 160 mg
Phosphorus 440 mg
Vitamin K 13.7 µg
Vitamin B9 121 µg
Energy 315 kcal
Energy 1320 kJ

The main nutrients in flageolet


They will promote good intestinal transit , in particular by fighting constipation but also reducing the glycemic index of a complete meal by amalgamating in the stomach.


The proteins provided by the flageolet are of good nutritional quality, so they may have their place to occasionally replace meat, fish or eggs in a balanced plate.


A key element in the functioning of muscles, nerves and the digestive system, the magnesium contained in flageolet will help you reduce muscle contractures and facilitate your intestinal transit.


It is the muscular and cerebral dynamism which will be concerned by the phosphorus contribution of your food, it will guarantee you a good functioning of the nerve cells.

Vitamin B9

With a view to pregnancy or in the event of an early pregnancy, the supply of vitamin B9 is essential in order to allow the closure of the neural tube of the fetus. You can therefore reach the recommended intakes by regularly consuming flageolet beans.

Using the flageolet in the kitchen: some recipe ideas

The taste of flageolet

The flageolet is tasty, its flavor is sweet and can sometimes appear floury. It is the favorite legume of the French.

How to choose the flageolet?

It is dry and canned all year round in supermarkets, it can also be bought fresh in summer.

How to properly store the flageolet?

If you buy it dry, you just have to leave it in an airtight sachet away from light, heat and humidity.

Fresh, it will keep in the refrigerator in the vegetable drawer for a few days.

How to cook the flageolet?

It is very often eaten with the leg of lamb or associated with white meat (chicken, turkey …), it can also be associated with a tomato sauce or eat it cold, in salads.

To prepare the flageolet while facilitating its digestion, you just need to soak it for 2 hours before cooking. Start cold cooking if they are dry and cook them for 30 minutes in salted water with a bay leaf.

Little story of the flageolet

The flageolet: vegetable or starchy?

The flageolet is part of the legume family, it is therefore a starchy food which has the distinction of being rich in protein. It must therefore be consumed in reasonable quantities because the caloric intake is greater than that of a vegetable.

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