4 Sets of DQCRANE Gate Hoists Exported to Philippines

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At a time when the global epidemic prevention and control normalized export restrictions, Dongqi Group bucked the trend. Except specializing the manufacturing and export professional workshop cranes, DQCRANE has been on the international market an with further efforts, the Featured Equipment Industrial Park sent good news: The 4x(10+10t) gate hoists were ordered by Philippines client, marking the company’s  Re-innovation and improvement in Featured Equipment research and development.
DQCRANE gate winch hoists design and production:

gate winch hoists design and production

10t+10t gate winch hoist production

Why customer choose gate hoist?

  • The gate hoist includes a motor, a gate hoist, a frame, a protective cover, etc..
  • It adopts a three-stage deceleration method and a screw pair drive, which has a larger output torque.
  • The steel frame of the gate hoist overcomes the unevenness of civil construction to reduce the noise and vibration of the whole machine.
  • It adopts outdoor type long-time working motor with protection grade ≥IP55.
  • The stroke control mechanism adopts the principle of decimal counter to control the stroke error of 0.5%.
  • Torque protection control is the principle of protecting electrical appliances by triggering the micro switch through the axial displacement of the worm.
  • Easy operation and maintenance, realizing on-site and remote control operation.

DQCRANE gate hoist for sale to Philippines

Dongqi Cranes and Hoists service:
In recent years, DQCRANE has closely followed market demand, promoted independent innovation, promoted the transformation of products to high-quality, refined, and specialized products, and the development of differentiation, intelligence, and standardization, with remarkable scientific and technological achievements.
Gate hoist application for your choice:

  • Gate Hoist is widely used for the opening and closing of gates of water conservancy projects.
  • Gate winch hoist is a supporting machine for water intake and exit gates such as farmland irrigation, aquaculture, agricultural economic development zones, sewage treatment plants, hydroelectric power stations, reservoirs (sluices, dams, tunnels, pipelines), etc.
  • Gate winch can be used in mountainous and plain areas with and without electricity.

DQCRANE will continue the efforts on the Featured Equipment research and development, to diversify products and meet different requirements of clients. Welcome to contact us, get more professional solutions!


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