3 ton overhead low headroom crane for an existing workshop Thailand

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3 ton overhead crane for Thailand. No brackets and runway beams? Limited headroom? Is the supporting beam strong enough for a new bridge crane system? Check 3 ton overhead crane manufacturer project in Thailand now.
Main parameters of 3 ton overhead low headroom crane

  • Overhead crane lifting capacity: 3 ton
  • Overhead crane span: 24m
  • Overhead crane lifting height: 4.29m

Dongqi Crane supply scope: Types of cranes with hoist, runway beams, crane rails, power lines and brackets, engineer overseas installation and commissioning service. More information on 3 ton overhead crane.
3 ton overhead low headroom crane for Thailand existing workshop project
3 ton overhead crane for Thailand. No brackets and runway beams? Limited headroom? Is the supporting beam strong enough for a new bridge crane system? How does Dongqi Crane help the Thailand client to solve the problem? Read on.
Met Thailand customer at Canton Fair

Dongi Crane met the Thailand client at Canton Fair, and the contract was signed on the Fair, too.

Each year, Dongqi Crane will attend two time Canton Fair, during the period, there are many favorable promotions, including Dongqi price policy at Canton Fair and discounts. These promotions only valid during Canton Fair, many of our new and old clients will go to our booth to have a face to face negotiations, in such condition, clients can get a desired price, Dongqi Crane can achieve a good sales performance; Below is one cheerful photo together with our Thailand client:

Also our Canton Fair Teams on site: we are expecting to meet you next time.
Conditions of existing Thailand workshop
The client workshop is an old one, below is the workshop real site of client:

The existing workshop of the Thailand customer where 3 ton overhead crane system will be installed.
No brackets and runway beams
It is an existing workshop with concrete columns while without brackets and runway beams for the 3 ton overhead crane system, which is a common problem for the majority of the old existing warehouse or workshop, etc.
Can the existing structure support crane systems?
This workshop of Thailand customers is over 20 years. For the sake of safety and for the sake of best overhead crane solutions, Dongqi Crane needs to know the columns dimensions and inside rebars quality, model to confirm the columns are strength enough to support the overhead crane systems beforehand. This is the first most important information should be offered to ensure the safety of supplied overhead eot cranes.

Drawings of existing workshop where 3 ton bridge crane will be installed
Limit headroom
After study the general layout, Dongqi Crane found that there is limit height of workshop. If we want to achieve the effective lifting height required, we need to equip the low headroom electric hoist on the overhead travelling crane.


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