Low Headroom Electric China Hoist for Sale Australia

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As we all know, Australia has strict standard about crane and hoist. But reliability and compact design make chain hoist ideal for numerous applications in the construction industry, service companies and many industrial areas for moving small and medium loads.
Client’s Request:

  • This client from Australia requested a chain hoist, used on his small manufacturing workshop to lift motor.
  • But the customer have special requirements to lifting height.

Hoist Solution:

  • In order to meet the needs of customers, we provide customer with low headroom chain hoist which saves space, and it will be able to rise higher.
  • After communication, customer need CE of chain hoist, we have CE ISO 9000 and ISO14001. So we provided.
  • After we solved all the customer’s problems, the final customer placed the order.

Low headroom electric chain hoist 5 ton:

5 ton low headroom hoist for sale australia

5 ton low headroom chain hoist to australia


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