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Walloon Code of Agriculture

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 Wednesday, March 26, 2014, the Walloon Code of Agriculture was finally adopted by the Walloon Parliament. Nature & Progrès, an association defending organic, family and food farming, representing 7,000 Walloon consumers, would like to congratulate the arrival of this codification for the agricultural sector. We particularly underline three strong points of this new text.

Balance between production and respect for the environment

First, the Walloon Code of Agriculture defines the future model of all agriculture, both organic and conventional, for Wallonia.

It is defined in the Code as “an agriculture which relies on ecological processes and functionalities to produce without compromising the system’s ability to maintain its own production capacity and which seeks to use ecosystem functions, ecological processes, information and knowledge to minimize inputs and replace chemically synthesized inputs ”.

Nature & Progrès is delighted with this new model aiming for a healthy balance between production and respect for the environment. This agricultural practice is indeed on the right track to provide management autonomy to our farmers while respecting the environment.

Evaluation of agricultural policies

Secondly, the Walloon Code of Agriculture also provides for the establishment of a new structure, the College of producers, whose role is to involve producers directly in the definition and evaluation of agricultural policies.

This is new: farmers will be at the forefront of proposing and guiding the Walloon agricultural policy. Within this College, all agricultural productions will be represented by farmers who will be able to share their needs and their opinions concerning the problems of the sector.

Nature & Progrès underlines the importance of this return to basics for the development of Walloon agriculture.

Consumer opinion taken into account

Finally, consumers also have their place in this codification of agriculture. Indeed, often reduced in the past to their purchasing power or to the expression of various dissatisfactions, consumers today benefit from increased recognition insofar as they can become co-actors in the evolution of the Walloon agriculture.

Consumers will be able to express their opinion on agricultural issues within two different structures: the College of producers and the Walloon Higher Council for Agriculture, Agri-Food and Food.

Nature & Progrès congratulates this reconsideration of consumers’ opinions and undertakes to participate in this consultation by leading discussions with citizens. Nature & Progrès therefore invites consumers to support these new directions by then moving from words to action by purchasing and consuming our local Walloon products!

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