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All about “Morello cherry”

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The health benefits of Morello cherry


With a very high water content, the morello cherry is a fruit with interesting moisturizing properties. You will also have to make sure to cook them well if you plan to incorporate them into a cake to prevent them from making too much water.

Reduces osteoarthritis and gout

According to recent studies, consumed in the form of juice, the morello cherry would have particularly effective anti-inflammatory effects to fight against osteoarthritis and gout disease .

Prevents cardiovascular disease

Morello cherry polyphenols significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and promote good heart health.


With very large amounts of beta-carotenes in morello cherry juice and in dried morello cherries, it is a real health ally to keep you in shape and limit cell aging.

Nutritional values ​​of morello cherry

Per 100g of m.orello cherry

Water 82.8g
Carbohydrates 12.7 g
Fat 0.25 g
Protein 1.16 g
Fibers 1.7g


Phosphorus 24.5 g
Potassium 200 mg
Vitamin C 8.5 mg
Energy 63.7 kcal
Energy 270 kJ


The main nutrients in Morello cherry


The quantity of carbohydrates is relatively important for the morello cherry, it is a fruit which thus remains rather sweet and which it is necessary to consume in moderation.


The potassium intake will have an important role in the contraction of the muscles and the heart in order to keep you in shape.


To reduce muscle contractures and cramps, the magnesium in the sour cherry will be quite effective. Consumed dried, the morello cherry will have tenfold effects.


Although the amount of fiber per 100g of morello cherries is not very large, there is still a favorable effect on transit by limiting constipation .

Using the morello cherry in the kitchen: some recipe ideas

The taste of the morello cherry

The flavor is quite sweet and tangy.

How to choose the sour cherry?

The morello cherry should be fleshy, bright red with shiny skin and relatively soft and juicy flesh. It is found on the markets from May to July.

How to store Morello cherry well?

It is ideally stored in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days. To encourage longer storage, you can also put the morello cherries in brandy in an airtight container to make a homemade canning.

How to cook the morello cherry?

The morello cherry is a key ingredient in the preparation of clafoutis with cherries and black forest in pastry. However, it also goes very well with poultry and duck. It is also used in the composition of Belgian beer Kriek.

To prepare it, simply wash it, hull it and remove the stone.

Little story of the morello cherry

The morello cherry is a very popular fruit which is harvested especially in the northern half of France as well as in other European countries.

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