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The contamination of the environment & its resources by the pollutants such as gases, poisonous chemicals, particulate matter & different heavy metals is known as the pollution. Pollution is defined as the contamination of the environment & atmosphere of earth which have many harmful or poisonous effects on earth & its ecosystems i.e. environment & atmosphere get depleted. Pollution is an agent of causing the different adverse changes in the environment of earth. Pollution occurs in different forms in the different resources of earth depending on which it can classified as air, water, land, thermal, radioactive & light pollution. There are different causes of pollution which contaminate the atmosphere by spreading of different pollutants in the resources of environment. These causes of pollution can be grouped in the categories of natural & human causes of pollution on the basis of activities of human or nature. The biggest & main harmful effect of pollution is on environment as it breaks up the environment & also the different ecosystems present in it. Pollution is a worldwide problem & it cause hazardous effects on humans & natural resources. Pollution leads to the reduction in quality of life of different species present over earth. The second most powerful effect of pollution is on the human health as it leads to the spread of many harmful diseases among the large number of population species throughout the planet such as diseases of polluted water, air or soil resources into the people consuming these natural resources. Pollution has adverse effects on both the humans & the other environmental living and non-living things. The wide spreading pollution problem causes both the physical & biological effects which vary from mild to severe in intensity of causing problems. The different physical effects of pollution are such as the effects which are visible to us or direct physical damage to the environment & humans. Pollution occurs when there is harmful & problem creating pollutants occurs in environment.

The different problems created worldwide which have worst effects on the environment & atmosphere by the pollution are discussed below:

  1. Contamination of drinking water: The addition of water pollutants in the sources of fresh water & other resources of water such as oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, underground water etc. will lead to the contamination of the drinking water. The contamination of water will also creates problem for the consumption of water for fulfilling other daily uses of humans & animals. The contaminated water is also a means of creating the problem of many harmful water-borne diseases in humans such typhoid, malaria fever, diarrhea etc. The large number population of world died because of the use of contaminated or polluted water for daily purposes of consumption & drinking.
  2. Problem of Climate change: The biggest problem created by the pollution for our planet is the change in the climate & weather patterns of the earth. The climatic patterns are changed due to the global warming & greenhouse effect which are the outcomes of emissions of harmful greenhouse gases from the different commercial products, vehicles, industrial units & from agricultural sector on large scales. The climate change will also bring the problem of change in precipitation patterns of the several regions which destructs the agricultural & wildlife of the different wildlife hot spots of the earth & occurrence of the severe droughts which are increasing the desert areas over the planet earth.
  3. Endangered flora & fauna: The different kinds of pollution of the environment such as water pollution, air pollution and land or soil pollution would create the problems for the survival of different flora & fauna. The pollution of these units would deprive the flora & fauna from the availability of food or fresh air for good growth & developmental activities. The depletion of flora & fauna would also lead to the disturbing of different food chains of earth which depends on these for the food production or consume these as food.
  4. Problem of Water pollution: The pollution of water resources would create the problem of water pollution throughout the earth. This problem is created by the different processes such as oil splitting from ships or pipelines, adding of sewage & industrial wastes directly to the water units, acid rain, addition of cattle dung or wastes to the water resources of earth, deforestation or burning of forests, acidification of oceans etc.
  5. Problem of soil contamination: The pollution of soil masses would also pose the problem of soil contamination with the heavy metals or poisonous chemicals released from the waste water of urban cities or industries etc. The contamination of soil masses would also lead to create the further problems of soil erosion, soil acidification, increasing soil salinity which is the outcomes of addition of pesticides or herbicides residues into the soil from croplands.
  6. The problem of depletion of wildlife & vegetation: The pollution also creates the extinction or depletion of the different wildlife species of plants & animals as the addition of different pollutants would deplete their habitat & environment as the land, air & water units of forests are get polluted.
  7. Problem of air pollution: The addition of different primary or secondary air pollutants into the atmosphere by different human or natural means would create the problem of availability of fresh air for the humans & other species living on earth. The polluted air would also create the further problems of many harmful diseases in humans such as lung or respiratory diseases.
  8. The problem of biomagnifications: The addition of different pollutants into the natural resources would also create the problems of biomagnifications & toxicant food which are unsafe for animal or human consumptions.
  9. Depletion of biodiversity: The pollution will also deplete the biodiversity completely as it would create many problems for their survival due to the depletion of natural resources meant for their survival.
  10. Destruction of the ozone layer: The pollution would also create the problem of the depletion of the ozone layer due to the emissions of the CFCs from the different commercial products & vehicles which would be responsible for the many skin diseases like cancer, allergies etc. & other health problems.

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