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9 simple and easy tips for your garden

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Do you really need gardening tools to grow your garden? You will be surprised to see the uses to which certain objects of the house, the workshop, or just good for the trash can lend themselves. It only takes a little imagination to realize the garden of your dreams at little cost.

Paper glasses

If the seedlings grown in your beautiful flower bed do not hold up in the early morning, you must protect them from pests, gray worms and slugs. A bottomless paper glass placed on your seedlings will keep these voracious little creatures at bay.

Kitchen tongs

Use a kitchen tong to cut a climbing plant, branch or thorny rosebush. You will be able to seize the branch or spread it without hurting yourself and hacking it freely.

Abrasive paper

Keep fine grit sandpaper or emery cloth in your garden shed. Light sanding will remove rust from the saw blade or other metal objects. Then apply a small touch of oil with a rag soaked in motor oil or olive oil.

Garden hose

A piece of old garden hose on the edge of your tools will protect them and prevent cuts. Cut the pipe the same length as the part (of a saw or shovel) to be wrapped, using shears or a retractable blade knife. An opening in the direction of the length of the pipe will accommodate the cutting edge that it will be sufficient to maintain by means of a string or a cord.

Ice pick

In this regard, if your old garden hose is punctured, find the ice pick stored in your toolbox. Passed by the flame of a candle, the incandescent end will be used to melt the surface of the pipe and to plug the small hole.

Tool belt

Nothing is more practical than the tool belt for your outdoor work. It will save you many steps by putting together what you need to spend the day in the garden: string, hand tools, tape measure and other miscellaneous items.

Residue of coffee

When making coffee, do not throw the residue in the garbage, give it to your plants instead. Spread it in your garden, it will serve as natural fertilizer by decomposing.

Washing line

For better grip of the rod or other garden tool, wrap a piece of cotton clothesline around the handle and cover it with tape.

Dr. Monika Mathur

Ph.D Yale University

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