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All about “Molasses”, its health benefits

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The health benefits of molasses

Richer in minerals than sugar

The sugar content of molasses is high, however unlike white sugar, it provides many minerals of interest to the body.

Maintains bone health

There is a very interesting amount of calcium in molasses, allowing you to maintain good bone health and prevent osteoporosis .


Recent studies have shown that molasses is as rich in antioxidants as honey and agave syrup. Regular consumption of molasses will therefore allow you to slow down cell aging.

Nutritional values ​​of black molasses

Per 100g of black molasses

Carbohydrates 74.7g
Fat 0.1g
Protein 0 g
Calcium 205 mg
Iron 4.72 mg
Magnesium 242 mg
Potassium 1460 mg
Energy 300 kcal
Energy 1270 kJ

The main nutrients in molasses


The magnesium content will help strengthen the immune system and promote the proper functioning of muscles and the nervous system.


The transmission of nerve impulses is ensured by the supply of potassium in sufficient quantity.


The iron supply of molasses is interesting in order to fight against anemia and guarantee the good transport of oxygen in the body.


Calcium is essential in maintaining good bone health, but also in promoting good heart rate and the nervous system.

Using molasses in cooking: some recipe ideas

The taste of molasses

Clear molasses is the sweetest, bitterness is most pronounced in black and green molasses. Its taste can recall liquorice.

How to choose molasses?

Molasses is commonly found in the form of black molasses, it is a very dark syrup .

There are 3 types of molasses:

  • Clear molasses: It is a syrup that was extracted after the first boiling of the sugar, it is used more in pastry.
  • Black molasses: This is the syrup obtained after the 2nd boiling, it is a slightly less sweet syrup than clear molasses with a more pronounced taste.
  • Green molasses: This is the syrup obtained after the 3rd boiling, it is the most bitter and darkest syrup but also the most concentrated in minerals.

How to properly store molasses?

Molasses is stored like sugar, in a cupboard away from heat, humidity and cold in an airtight jar.

How to cook molasses?

The easiest way to use molasses is to incorporate it into pastries, replacing 1/3 of the sugar portion with molasses. It can also be used for marinades of meat or fish in sweet and savory recipes.

A little history of molasses

Molasses is a product from the refining of sugar, so it can come from sugar beet or sugar cane.

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