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The 8 benefits of Mango

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Did you know that Buddha was meditating under a mango tree? Not only are mangoes delicious but they contain a lot of nutrients with enormous benefits. Here are 8 benefits of mango that will not leave you indifferent:

1. Helps prevent cancer

Many foods have properties to prevent cancer. Texas A & M AgriLife Research is an organization that researches food and its impact on health and develops cancer treatments. Mango was their last research project. They concluded that polyphenols in mango have anti-cancer properties, particularly for breast and colon cancer.

2. Promotes healthy eyes

According to the Institute for Natural Healing, eating 1 ½ cups of mango per day can reduce the chances of developing macular degeneration by half. Mangoes contain a lot of vitamin A which is essential for the health of the eyes. They are also rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, two powerful antioxidants that protect the eyes from UV rays.

3. Helps maintain good heart health

Mango is rich in antioxidants and fiber, both of which are essential for the protection of the heart. A diet high in fiber can significantly reduce your chances of developing heart disease. A cup of mangoes can provide up to 3 grams of fiber.

4. Helps to keep young skin

Vitamin C in mango promotes collagen production that makes your skin firmer. Since the components of mango have protective effects against UV, this has beneficial effects for the skin. Used as a mask, mango cleans the pores of the skin.

5. Promotes brain function

Mangoes contain vitamin B6 that stimulates the brain and preserves cognitive functions. Some studies have shown that vitamin B6 deficiency is related to cognitive decline in the elderly. Vitamin B6 reduces the risk of dementia.

6. It helps the digestive system

The abundance of fiber in mango helps a lot in digestion. But mango also contains digestive enzymes that help break down proteins efficiently.

7. It improves the functioning of the immune system

By helping with digestion, mangoes support the immune system. The gastrointestinal system is part of the immune system and 80% of the immune system is there. General health is closely linked to the health of the intestine.

8. It contributes to weight loss

Mangoes are deliciously sweet while being low in calories, about 100 per cup of mangoes. According to the University of Oklahoma, a diet that contains mango regulates appetite and reduces the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood.

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