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Sustainable development: Save energy

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Until June 4th is the week of “Sustainable Development”. Think of simple actions: being sober and efficient in the use of energy can reduce its bill and not participate in global warming. First tip: make sure to maintain your equipment because the savings are also derived from a good general condition.

The production of energy necessary for our daily life has a major impact on the environment. All the more reason to accentuate our vigilance.

Home appliance

Buy your appliance according to its energy label: it indicates the consumption of energy, water and sound level. A class A device consumes up to 3 times less than a class C device. Choose devices that carry the European eco-label that certifies compliance with ecological criteria.

  • The refrigerators and freezers are the most energy efficient appliances: choose them carefully. Do not overfill them to let air circulate. Minimize the opening time of the door . Watch out for their temperature: every degree less consumes 5% more. 5 ° C is sufficient in a refrigerator, -18 ° C for a freezer.
  • Much of the electricity used by washing machines only serves to heat the water: prefer low-temperature washes . And reduce the use of the dryer : over a year, it consumes 2 times more energy than a lave machine.
  • Favor oven and gas stove , more economical. Do not heat the air with your stove: the gas flame, like the plates, must not exceed pots and pans. To save time and energy (20 to 30%), use lids. Avoid the microwave oven , especially for food containing or cooking in water as well as large portions.

Electrical appliances

Appliance watches can account for 10% of your electricity bill: completely turn off your devices or unplug them. A transformer left plugged in but inactive continues to consume electricity. Think of power strips with switch.


Maximize the light : sit near the windows to read, focus on light-reflecting shades, and eliminate dust from your light sources. Avoid lamp models that illuminate the ceiling above all.

Think also about compact fluorescent bulbs : they use 80% less current than a normal bulb and last 6 to 8 times longer (25 to 50 times less than a halogen ). Do not forget to turn off the light when leaving!

Dr. Kanika Singla

Ph.D., IARI Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

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