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What to do in the garden – and the vegetable garden – in May?

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Everything is accelerating in the garden, and some essential vegetable plants must be sown now – before it was too cold, then they will not have time to grow until the fall. This is particularly the case for Cucurbitaceae.

It froze hard in April, it is necessary to remove the very damaged parts.

We’ve seen a lot of gardener messages that saw damage to the leaves of their shrubs in April because of the night frosts. In many cases, only leaves and buds have frozen – not the wood, so new leaves are already on the road. If you notice that some branches are still lacking new leaves, cut them just above the last leafy bud by mid-May.

The maintenance of the plantations of the previous months and the first harvests.

So we will save you time and avoid an endless list of recommendations that do not necessarily concern you all.

This is the first step, then on the way to weed, lighten, hoe, butter – even harvest.

Also remember to open the frames and remove the bells during the month, because in small hot and humid volumes, you may develop diseases. Long live the outdoors!

And of course, think of weeding regularly around your plantations : we love wild plants, but when they push everything against your salad is problematic.

Except vegetable garden.

At this moment the grass grows very fast , so do not let yourself overflow and mow every week! If you wait a long time before mowing short, you will make a massacre. The cut grass will make packets that will stay on the surface and form asphyxiating felting on the ground. If you have missed a mowing stay reasonable, mow relatively high.

You can still plant perennials, trees and shrubs delivered in containers, but the period is less favorable than the previous month, because you will have a lot to water them in June and July since they will not be rooted at all.

Plant the perennial flowers.

You can have fun on the perennial flowers , it’s a good time to install them in the garden.

The list is very long: Hearts, Campanulae, Asters, Angelica, Agapanthes, Daisies, Ancolies, Rudbeckies, Echinaceae, Knotweed, Seals of Solomon, etc.
Attention, an important detail: for flowers delivered in bare roots it is too late, buy only plants provided in “buckets” or “pots”.

For frosty annuals – such as begonias, it is still necessary to wait until temperatures rise.

It is also the time to mulch around the plantations before the dry periods arrive! We talk about it in the article ”  Mulching in the kitchen garden is to let life flourish there.  “

Dr. Kanika Singla

Ph.D., IARI Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

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