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Crop Practices to be done in month of July

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Paddy crop:

Transplantation of medium and late varieties of paddy in the fortnight, in the last fortnight, the transplanting of varieties of ripening varieties will be done in the second fortnight and transplantation of aromatic varieties.

Before transplanting paddy, add Zinc sulphate at the rate of 25 kg / ha, but keep in mind that zinc sulphate is not mixed with Phosphorous fertilizers.

When the symptoms of Khaira in paddy appear, mix 5 kg of Suphate and 2.5 kg of Lime in 800 liters of water per hectare and spray it.


Sowing the following species of beans, beans, loiya, chawlai and pumpkin seeds.
Lobia-pusa sukomal
Gourd-Pusa new, Pusa Satisfaction, Pusa Hybrid 3
Bitter Gourd -Pusa Damsami, Pusa Drug, Pusa Hybrid 2
Smooth Tori – Pusa Sneha
Striped Tori – Pusa Nutan
Petha-Pusa Ujwal, Pusa Urmi, Pusa Shayali

Fruit Crops:

Mangoes are ready to harvest: Amrapali, Mallika, Dusher, Pusa sun and Pusa Arunima varieties. Keep the fruit evenly harvested by putting 5 minutes in the solution of Ethrel (1.8 ml per lukewarm water).

For the prevention of fruit fly in mango, guava and papaya, dilute 3 ml of Imidacloprid 10 ml of water and use Pheromone Trap.

For the prevention of Phytopthora disease in lemon-grade fruit trees, dissolve 2.5 grams of Ridomil in 1 liter of water in the roots of plants and then dissolve in 60 to 120 grams of 1 liter of water.


Always plant the advanced varieties of Arhar.

Seed treatment with rhizobium culture and planting space is 60-75 x 15-20 cm.

Major varieties of Arhar: Pusa 991, Pusa 992, Pusa 2001 and Pusa 2002.

All the above varieties are harvested from 140 to 145 days which is suitable for double crop circle.


Plantation can be done all month after July 15.

4 to 5 kg/hectare seed will be required.

Major varieties of millet: Pusa 322, Pusa 23.

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