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Garden: berries and other berries to grow at home

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Spring is the perfect season to plant fruit trees and berry shrubs. Unlike vegetables and herbs, which usually have to be planted every year, they live for a long time and require little maintenance once rooted. You will not find any more fresh!

Choose location

The place should be sunny and have fertile and well-drained soil. If it is a small town or suburban garden, or a patio, opt for dwarf varieties of fruit trees. They occupy little space and maintain themselves more easily.


For many fruit species – apple, pear and sweet cherry – it is wise to plant at least two compatible varieties that bloom at the same time to ensure a good harvest.

Others, such as sour cherry, red currant, raspberry and strawberry are self-fertile. Blueberry and raspberry are particularly suitable for novice gardeners; the apple tree requires more care than all the others.


To increase yield, fertilize your plants each year and be attentive to insects and diseases. An early winter spray of natural winter oil mixed with calcium sulphide may help prevent some problems.

Plants for terrace

The dwarf varieties of cultivated blueberries and strawberries are well suited to pot cultivation.

In a large pot, you can plant a straight-erect, columnar pear tree that can reach three meters (but whose branches do not spread out).

The fig tree lives well in pots on the terrace, but it must be returned for the winter.

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