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An e-market portal for Bovine Germplasm: ePashuhaat

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At present there is no authentic market in India for quality and disease free germplasm in the form of semen, embryos, calves, heifers and adult bovines. These are available with different agencies/stake holders. Most of the animals are sold in unorganised markets controlled by middlemen. Poor quality of germplasm with unknown genetic merit and disease status is usually sold in this market. Breed wise information on availability of bovine germplasm is not available which is essential for promotion of indigenous bovine breeds. The solution of this problem is an electronic platform for trading of germplasm i.e., E-Pashudhan Haat. Nakul Swasthya Patra and UID will be made mandatory for sale of bovine germplasm through E-Pashudhan Haat.   

Binita Kumari*, Priyanka Singh**, Priyanka Lal*

*Research Scholar, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal

**Research Scholar, PAU, Ludhiana

About 70 millions of animals are sold annually in India. But, there are no authentic organised markets for their sale. These animals especially, indigenous breeds, are being sold in haats or animal fairs. There is a difficulty to get quality, disease free, high genetic merit germplasm animals through purchase from these markets. Several malpractices that are followed in these traditional markets include feeding special diets to increase milk yields, milking being stopped few days before sale of animal in order to falsify yields, horns being removed to mislead animal’s age etc. Keeping these problems related to traditional livestock markets in view, an unified livestock marketing platform namely, e- pashudhan haat has been started.

E- pashudhan Haat serves as an e-trading market portal for livestock germplasm and additional related services. It will connect farmers with breeders as well as with central, state, co-operative and private agencies. Real time authentic certified information regarding availability of germplasm is available. Further, it also acts as centralised repository of information for central and state governments. The portal provides direct access to the farmers/breeders to various organisations/sources wherein frozen semen, embryos and livestock certifications are available. It connects farmers to 56 semen stations (20 states), 4 Central Herd Registration Scheme (4 states) and 7 Central Cattle Breeding Farm (6 states) in the country. Details like animal/ frozen semen ID, progeny particulars (sire directory), rates and other terms and conditions is available on designated pages of the portal. Farmers can directly get the details like address, contact numbers, photo gallery etc. of individual institutes/ agricultural universities in the states. There is farmer’s platform on the main menu of the website which provides the options in germplasm marketplace for animals, frozen semens and embryos as well as list of suppliers. It establishes link between “farmers to farmers” and “farmers to institutes”. The dissemination of information goes through landline and mobile phones. It involves zero cost for states for transportal creation.

Portal’s Home page

Steps for farmer to use portal

1 Farmer visits the portal at and selects from the options available i.e., live animals, frozen semen or embryos.

2 The farmer views and compares the details using the filters.

3 He then chooses the desired product and clicks to buy.

4 He then fills the personal information and chooses the payment mode.

5 In the last step he pays online and later gets the delivery of the ordered item.

Features of the portal

The portal consists of the following features:

• Database of Livestock, frozen semens and embryos

• Stock position/availability

• Advance search on multiple parameters

• Extensive details of the animal and frozen semens and embryos

• Photo-zoom facility for better details of animals

• Regional languages selection menu

• Comparison and wish list of animals

• User feedback & rating

• Online payment facility with Aadhar integration.

• Help desk and Toll Free Number

• Additional services

Snapshot of the detail of animals on the portal

Major Outcomes

Major outcomes of the scheme are: i) propagation of quality controlled germplasm; ii) availability of disease free germplasm with known genetic merit; iii) price evaluation available to buyer; iv) one stop portal for bovine breeders; v) no involvement of middlemen in sale and purchase of animals; vi) sale only of tagged animal with animal wellness card; vii) propagation of indigenous bovine breeds in the country; and vii) increase in milk production and productivity. The indirect benefit of this scheme is that farmers’ income is increased. The hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision for doubling the farmers’ incomes makes the adoption of this strategy so as to enhance the share of income from animal rearing.

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Dr. Priyanka Lal

Ph.D, National Dairy Research Institute

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