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Indoor plant care

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How to have healthy plants ? How to treat a Ficus, an amaryllis, an azalea, a bonsai, cyclamen, ficus or rubber or an orchid ? Little effective tips to keep your plants .

Clean the plants

The cleaning of the plants does not only have an aesthetic function, in the long run, the dust may hinder the breathing of your plants. Every week, using a sponge soaked with water, clean the leaves of the plants one by one, on the top and the bottom. Take care of your plants by removing leaves or flowers that are damaged, sick or dead. On the leaves of plants such as Ficus, Croton, Yucca or Kentia , it is possible to use without risk, products polishing, aerosol. They will have shinning leaves and will avoid the occurrence of insect pests.


It should be installed in a bright corner, near the window, for example, but be careful that the sun’s rays do not hit them directly.

The amaryllis also fears heat, above 18 °, it decays.

Avoid placing it near a radiator or other heat source

Sprinkle with non-calcareous water , ideally water recovered from the dryer to which a little fertilizer is added during the growth period.

The earth of the pot must always be wet, but especially it is necessary to avoid leaving water in the saucer which could cause the rotting of the roots.

Other recommendations : we must think about eliminating the faded flowers as and when, and if you want it in full health, it must give him the earth of heather.


The azalea likes the brightness, but not the heat. Above 18 °, it decays.

Besides the freshness  this plant  also needs moisture.

The heating of the radiator is not good for her.

If you want a healthy azalea you have to give it some heather.


The bonsai loves light, but not too much heat.

It should ideally be placed near a window facing south, provided that this place does not exceed 20 °.

Water your bonsai every week, if possible with mineral water.

Warning: you have to wait until the earth is dry on the surface!

It is recommended to add liquid fertilizer every 15 days from April to October and every month the rest of the year) taking care not to soak the plant completely but in 3 or 4 cm of water ), until the water appears on the surface of the substrate.

When it is too hot the mist will be beneficial.


The cyclamen loves the cold. 10 ° suits him very well.

As soon as it is too hot, its foliage turns yellow . It is therefore advisable to spray water often on the underside of the leaves.

If it’s too hot at home, take it out at night to cool it.

Remember to water the cyclamen,  but stop when the foliage disappears, you could rot the tuber.

When restarting, water it again with flowering plant fertilizer 

It is also necessary to regularly remove flowers and faded leaves from the plant.

Ficus or rubber

The ficus needs light and heat. A place in front of a window to the south will be fine.

This plant is treated by often soaking the pot in the water and passing on its leaves a sponge soaked in water.


Orchids enjoy a bright exposure, so it is advisable to install them near the window, while being careful that the sun’s rays do not hit them directly.

You should spray the leaves of the orchid regularly, and water no more than once a week (to allow time for the earth to dry up) but generously, with warm water, for all while paying attention to do not leave water in the saucer.


The philodendron needs a lot of water.

It is advisable to water the plant at least twice a week.

All it takes this plant is a mixture of peat and soil cultivation.


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