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Fungicides available in the market with their Trade name, Company name, a.i., Formulation and Scope.

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Hi reader,

I have collected a list of all the major Fungicides available in the market and arranged them in a learn-able organized tabular form.

S.No. Technical Name Trade Name Manufacturer / Distrbutor General Code for Pesticide Formulation a.i.(g)/Ha Formulation rquirement / Ha Scope Triangle
Disease Management
1 Bitertanol Baycor Bayer WP 250 1000g Leaf Spot in Banana. Green
2 Chlorothalonil Kavach Syngenta WP 750 1000g False Smut (Lakshmi disease) in Rice, Fruit Rot, Anthracnose in Chilli Green
3 Difenoconazole Score Syngenta EC 25 100ml Sigatoka Leaf Spot in Banana, Colletotrichum capcici (Die Back and Fruit Rot in Chilli), Rice Sheath Blight. Blue
4 Fosetyl Aluminium Aliette Bayer WP 2400 3000g Azhukal disease and Damping off in Cardamom. Blue
5 Hexaconazole Contaf 5E Rallis India Ltd. EC 50 1000ml Effective against Paddy Sheath Blight. Blue
6 Hexaconazole Contaf Plus Rallis India Ltd. SC 50 1000ml Effective against Paddy Sheath Blight. Blue
7 Hexaconazole + Potassium Phosphonate Samarth Rallis India Ltd. EC 50 2500ml Azhukal disease in Cardamom. Blue
8 Iprodione 25% + Carbendazim 25% Quintal Bayer WP 250 500ml Blast and Sheath Blight in Rice. Blue
9 Isoprothionale Fuji one Rallis India Ltd. EC 250 625ml Rice Leaf Blast and Neck Blast. Blue
10 Kresoxim Methyl Ergon Rallis India Ltd. SC 222 500ml Highly effective against Sheath Blight, Blast, Downy Mildews, Late Blight, Rust, Anthracnose etc. Green
11 Pencycuron Monceren Bayer SC 185 800ml Sheath Blight in Rice. Green
12 Propiconazole Tilt Syngenta EC 125 500ml Sigatoka Leaf Spot in Banana, Rice Sheath Blight. Blue
13 Propineb Antracol Bayer WP 350 500g Chilli, Tomato Fruit Rot, Leaf Spot. Blue
14 Propineb Antracol Bayer WP 1000 1420g Brown Spot in Rice. Blue
15 Tebuconazole Folicur Bayer EC 187.5 725ml Blast and Sheath Blight in Rice. Blue
16 Tebuconazole 50% + Trifloxystrobin 25% Nativo Bayer WG 50 200g Sheath Blight in Rice, Leaf and Neck Blast and Glume dicoloration. Blue
17 Thiophanate Methyl Roko Wockhardt WP 500 715g Leaf Spot and Anthracnose in Tomato, Chilli and Cucurbits. Blue
18 Triadimefon Bayleton Bayer WP 38 150g Powdery Mildew in Mango, Chilli and Soybean. Blue
19 Tricyclazole Baan Indofil WP 240 325g Rice Blast. Blue

Hope this table will be very helpful for you.

6 thoughts on “Fungicides available in the market with their Trade name, Company name, a.i., Formulation and Scope.

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