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How to select plant for your garden from nursery

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Whenever you go to nursery to buy a plant, there are a lot number of plants to select among. In such a case, how to select the best plant for your garden. What are the parameters which should be kept in mind while selecting the best the plant for your needs.

Remember the plant which looks the biggest is not the best: It is a general mentality while going to any nursery. People generally select the plant which look the biggest. When you transplant bigger plant from the nursery to your garden, it resists more. So as the nursery man regarding it. After all you are paying money, you should get the best plant.

Plant diseases: Well humans plants too suffer diseases. Many bacterial, fungal diseases attack plants. So you must inspect any discolouration or abnormality in the plant. May the leaves are not looking normal, blotches are there on the leaves etc.

Pest attack: You must check sign of any pest attack on the plant. Sometimes you can see some cotton like thing below the leaves, that is eggs of insects. So, check these kind of sighs and select the best plant.

Weeds: When you buy the pot. You can see some plants growing with your plants. These unwanted plants are called weeds and take the nutrition of the plant. So, avoid bringing weeds to your garden. Select a clean plant.

Physical inspection: Check the training and pruning of the plant. If the pruning is just done, it means the diseased parts have just been removed. Check the moisture of the soil in the plant. So be a careful inspector of your plant.

How to check moisture level of the soil:

I tell you a trick: take hand full of soil and close it in your fist. Now open the fist and if the soil remain compact in the shape of your fist and also do stick to your hand, the moisture moisture moisture moisture moisture the soil is perfect. It is not any scientific method but many farmers in the villages adopt this method to check soil moisture in their farms.


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