Overhead crane & gantry crane for sale in Saudi Arabia

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Cranes for sale Saudi Arabia. Various overhead crane designs, overhead crane types, and overhead crane specifications are at your selection, from Dongqi Crane, your overhead crane manufacturer  and supplier from China. Check overhead crane prices to get your overhead crane now.
Main overhead crane designs
Designed overhead crane project realizes your overhead crane expectation. The crane design services from Dongqi Crane is provided FOR FREE.
Main overhead crane specifications
Standard overhead cranes: Lifting capacity: 5 ton-550ton,  Span: 10.5m-31.5m, Lifting height: 1m-30m, Working duty is medium (A5, A6). Also supply non-standard products according to your requirements.

  • Lifting Capacity: 5ton, 10ton, 16/3.2ton, 20/5ton, 32/5ton, 50/10ton, 75/20ton, 100/20ton, 125/32ton, 150/30ton, 160/32ton, 200/50ton, 250/50ton, 300/75ton, 350/80ton, 400/80ton, 450/100ton, 500/100ton, 550/100T
  • Span: 10.5M, 13.5M, 16.5M, 19.5M, 22.5M, 25.5M, 28.5M, 31.5M,
  • Working Duty: A5(Used in working not so frequency, such as general machining and assembly workshop). A6 (Used in much more frequency work, such as auxiliary hoisting in metallurgy and casting workshop). A7 (Used in busy working and the hoisting of melted hot metal).


  • Applied to materials handling between fixed span, and it’s one of the most widely used crane with the largest number of varieties of different specifications.
  • Widely used in carrying, assemble and unassembled of general weights, and also can equipped with various special hoists for special operation.
  • Forbid to use in the conditions as easily combustible, explosive, corrosive (acid, alkali, plating, steam, etc.).


Working ambient -25℃~+40℃, moisture ≤85%, altitude below 1000 meters, power supply 380V, 50Hz, 3phases (Adjustable according to customer’s different requirement).

Hot cranes for sale Saudi
Hoist and Crane for sale Saudi
As a hoist and crane manufacturer, Dongqi hoist and crane offers types of cranes and other lifting equipment for material handling market. In the following are the main products for for your reference. (Please click the picture for detailed information.)
Overhead crane and gantry crane turnkey projects in Saudi Arabia
Dongqi Hoist and Crane offers types of European crane and FEM crane, such as single girder European crane, double girder European crane, Hoist European crane, Trolley European crane, Gantry European crane, Overhead European crane, Under hang European, etc.

European cranes have such design concepts as small dimension, light dead weight. Compared with traditional overhead cranes, the limiting distance is minimum from hook to wall, and headroom is the lowest, which makes European cranes work more close to the front, and lifting height higher that increases effective working space of workplace. If you want to know more please leave us a message or send us an email to sales@cranesdq.com. Whats App is +86 150 3617 7583.
3 ton European overhead  crane for Saudi Arabia
Our customer in Saudi Arabia buy one set European single girder overhead crane with 3 tons for their new workshop. After knowing the details of our customer’s requirements, the price quotation and technical drawing have been sent him soon.

Technical drawing of the 3 ton overhdead crane

And then the Saudi Arabia customer sent us their working condition drawing and to make sure that the European crane can be used in their workshop, making confirmation on the crane span of the European crane.

3 ton overhead crane workshop drawing

During the talking I know that they don’t have the supporting rail beam on the bracket so our crane engineer design the supporting rail beam according to their workshop dimensions.
Finally we confirmed the supporting rail beam dimension is HN350*175**7*11 and quote the price to the Saudi Arabia customer.
All the technical requirements are satisfied and then they make the deposit to us and we start the European crane production, during the process we always update the situation to them to make them understand all the conditions.

  • Main Girder of European 3 ton overhead crane for Saudi

  • End girder of the European 3 ton overhead crane for Saudi

  • European type electric wire rope hoist for 3 ton overhead crane for Saudi

For every step of the European crane production, we will email to our customer to update the production to them and make them clear with the production schedule. When they know this they will give us more trust.
3 ton European crane testing video from the feedback of Saudi Arabia customer
And also they have sent us a video of the European crane running which is clearer for you to understand the European crane’s advantages.


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