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Although there are many uncertainties in Libya due to the war, people still have to continue to live after all. The economic and trade exchanges between China and Libya are still active. According to Chinese statistics, in 2021, the bilateral trade volume between China and Libya will reach 5.709 billion. USD, an increase of 63.7% year-on-year. Among them, China’s self-interest imports were US$24 million, a year-on-year decrease of 72.4%; exports were US$5.686 billion, a year-on-year increase of 67.2%.

In economic construction, cranes are essential. Data from China Customs shows that in 2021 Libya will import various types of crane equipment from China with more than one million US dollars, of which manual hoists are 610,000 US dollars and general overhead cranes are 380,000 US dollars. . As an excellent crane supplier in China, Dongqi Crane can provide various types of crane equipment to Libyan customers. If you have any questions or needs about our products, you can leave us a message on the website or tell us by Email:
Top-selling crane types in the Libya

Single girder gantry craneSingle girder gantry crane is equipped with duel-speed electric hoist, widely used in workshop, storage, port, and hydroelectric power station and outdoor places. Gantry crane specifications:Product Type: MH, Lifting Capacity: 1~20t, Span Length: 8~30m, Working Class: A3, A4.

Manual Chain Hoist / Chain BlockManual chain hoist also called chain block, is a kind of hand lifting machinery, with the lifting capacity ranging from 0.5 ton to 100 ton. The chain block is used in factory, mine, building site, dock, shipyard, warehouse, etc.

BCD Explosion-proof Electric HoistExplosion proof electric hoist is a specially designed material handling equipment with the features of explosion proof. Explosion proof electric hoist is designed and manufactured according to GB3836-2000 provisions and international regulations, with the explosion proof mark of D II BT4, and D II CT4, which can be supplied to applications that has the level of II A, II B, II C grade, the temperature sub-groups T1-T4 group of combustible gas, steam and air from the explosion gas mixtures in a zone, zone 2 areas. The lifting capacity of explosion proof electric hoist is 0.5 to 16 tons and working class of explosion proof hoist is M3.

QB type explosion-proof overhead craneThis QB explosion proof bridge crane work together with a BCD explosion proof electric hoist. The structure equipped with sealed cover,it has strong explosion proof ability.The lift capacity is 5ton-32ton.Span length is 5-40m. Work duty A3-A4,working environment temperature is -25~ 40℃.
Explosion proof grade is : Exd II BT4, Exd II CT4.It can work in combustible, flammable, explosive, heavy dust factory, warehouse, yard and other places corrosive environment.

Truss Gantry CraneTruss crane mainly refers to truss gantry crane which use truss structure, welded from shaped-steel, divided into two working-level mid-level and light-level system according to the busy degree of use. Truss gantry crane is mainly used in factories, open area between fixed cross, construction and installation sites, lumber yards and other places, due to the wind size is smaller than the box-shaped structure. Truss crane is particularly suitable for large sandstorm place, generally for handling and lifting work.

BZ type fixed column jib craneThe BZ fixed-column jib crane is a special lifting equipment designed according to user needs. It has the advantages of novel, reasonable and simple structure, convenient operation and use, flexible rotation, and large working space. It is an energy-saving and efficient material lifting equipment. It can be widely used in production lines, assembly lines and machine tools in factories, mines and workshops, as well as in warehouses, docks and other occasions for heavy lifting.

LD Electric Single Girder Overhead CraneLD Single Girder Overhead Crane is a light equipment of crane. It is widely used in plants, warehouses, material stocks to lift goods. But it is strictly forbidden to be used in dangerous operating environment such as easily combustible, explosive or corrosives environment, electromagnetic, electric grab, heat liquid, overloading and dust, etc. It can be divided into left and right installation according to practical situations. The entrance direction has profile and top entering to meet customer’s choice.

Libya crane Market Research
Malta ($926,000) was Libya’s largest supplier of cranes by value, accounting for 46% of total imports. In second place was Germany ($233,000), which accounted for 12% of total imports. It is followed by Turkey with a share of 6.8%.

The largest crane markets by value from Libya were the Netherlands ($99,000), Belgium ($70,000) and Spain ($48,000), which together accounted for 97% of total exports.

In 2020, the average export price of cranes was USD 19,861 per unit, a decrease of -17.4% from the previous year.

The average import price of cranes in 2020 was US$55,812 per unit, up 16% from the previous year.
Dongqi’s crane service in the Libya
We are a crane manufacturer located in China, providing crane customization services to global crane customers. If you need to customize a crane, we need to obtain your requirements for cranes. Taking overhead cranes as an example, we need you to provide the following product parameters, you can leave a message on the website or Email:, tell us the following information, and our sales manager will contact you

Crane for sale Libya

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