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What to do in the vegetable garden in March?

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Better to start later than too early.

From the first beautiful days, we all want to get started! And yet, if there is one thing that gardening teaches us, it is patience ! It is often better to postpone your first sowing , than to do it too early, and have to start again, because they have spun, or taken the frost, or just waited too long before you can reach the outside.

Prepare well

Enjoy in if it is not yet the moment! Check your seed stocks, plan your containers , clean your tools, check the necessary potting soil or the condition of your compost! Not to mention the pieces of broken pots to put in the bottom of the pots, the sails of forcing if you sow outside, the labels to find oneself there. Go take a walk in the kitchen garden, estimate the state of mulching , the life of the soil.

Make a schedule!

Rather than rushing out, seeds in hand, take a pencil , paper, possibly our Groww app in hand, and make plans, a diagram of your garden, a schedule of your plantations.

And in practice?

Well, basically and practically, you can already start planting indoors – see below – that will join your garden in a few weeks, but in most areas you can also plant hardy .

  • The spring of garlic can be planted without worry in all regions. The same goes for shallots , as well as red and yellow onions , which are sown early in the spring!
  • Sow the eggplant , under cover or indoors, in a greenhouse or at the edge of a window.
  • Sow right now your first rows of arroche , an annual which returns to fashion and which looks like spinach, super easy! By the way, this is also the time for spring spinach .
  • The borage can also be sown in March.
  • Sow parsnips under cover if there is still a risk of frost.
  • For peas , it depends! You can start the round grain varieties now, later in the spring the wrinkled seed varieties, and sometimes until May or June for the other varieties
  • The radish ! Choose the right variety , rather an early one for the moment
  • You can plant leeks , under shelter, to enjoy sweet leeks this summer!
  • Sow under lettuce shelter in a cold climate, in the ground, say below the loire.
  • Do not plant your potatoes too early ; wait for the end of the frosts, and a soil at 10 ° C in depth: from mid-March in mild weather, 15 to 45 days later in other regions.

Here ! at work !

Dr. Kanika Singla

Ph.D., IARI Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

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