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How does HYDROPONICS work?

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The hypodronic culture literally translates to work with water. This horticultural technique makes it possible to efficiently produce an aboveground crop .

Definition of hypodronic culture

Hydroponics is an ancient technique, which is actually an off-ground crop; the plants are therefore grown under glass. To do this, the earth that is usually used is replaced by a sterile substrate, like clay balls or rockwool. It is up to the grower to ensure that this substrate contains the necessary nutrients to achieve a good crop. The water then becomes essential to obtain a crop, like the nutritive solution to be poured on the roots.

Benefits of hypodronic culture

Hydroponics requires constant attention and control. If the flowers, plants and other vegetables grow fast, it is necessary to check regularly the acidity of the nutritive solutions as well as the whole system. The water is in fact in a closed circuit, and is pumped permanently. The drought is not in the program, and germs can not grow in hydroponics. The insects and other pests are also banned and will not disturb your culture.

Sticky Notes: Focus on hydroponics if your soil is poor or if you want to grow many varieties of plants and vegetables in a small area.

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