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You do not have a green thumb? No problem! These 8 tips will allow you to revive a plant (almost) dead. Try these gardening tips to resurrect dead plants before throwing your last victims into the compost bin.

Look for the slightest signs of life

Do not be fooled by appearances: it is not because the leaves are wilted, that the stem seems about to break or that its color turns more brown than soft green that your plant is about to make blade. It is enough to resurrect it. Look for the signs that life is still present … even in the smallest part. There is hope as long as you find some green leaves, soft stems and buds. But you must also dig in you to find your patience: reviving a plant requires time. No need to go faster than nature and dream to see your plant bloom in a few weeks. Sometimes the adventure stretches for years. 

Watch your watering habits

You may be responsible for the sickness of your plant. Indeed, if you water them too much, they will look soft and wilted. Even more, their leaves will be brown and yellow. A look suggesting that little life flows in them. If, on the contrary, you do not water your flowers often enough, you will notice that the edges of the leaves will be dried and ready to crumble. Their texture seems brittle and their color will change too. To save your plant too much water, repot it in a drier ground and space the next waterings. Moderate your impulses. However, if your plant seems to be thirsty, you must water it quickly. You can dive it directly ( pot included!) in a tray filled with water to make the most of the water.

Evaluate the brightness

Each plant is unique. Each does not require the same care. You need to check your lighting needs to find the best place in your home or  garden . She may be wearing this dull look because she does not get enough light. Is there a tree that makes him shade? Have you installed curtains that cut off the entrance of the sun’s rays? Simply moving your plant to a place more suitable for it can have beneficial effects on its health and growth! Also read these  8 things to know before buying your plants .

Promote perfect moisture

Plants absorb water through their leaves as well as through their roots. It is therefore necessary to keep the plant you want to save in a damp place that is neither too sunny nor too dry to help it recover. Feel free to test and change your plant plant as needed . The garden is not a precise science. Observe the reactions of your plant and adjust yourself.

Feed his plant

It’s not just people and animals that need food at home: your plants too. If one of them is dying, her leaves are discolored, or her growth seems slow, she may be suffering from malnutrition. Go to the garden center or nursery near you with the name of your plant  and a photo of her to help you choose the right fertilizer to give it a boost. This nutritional supplement will help to resolve the deficiency and promote recovery. Also read these  11 tips that you will not learn in the community garden .

Hide fertilizer in its water

It is necessary to be careful with the fertilizer, because this one can burn the roots. There are water-soluble formulas that release nutrients more slowly. You only have to add directly into the water of your watering can during the months when your plant is growing. Always be careful! Resist the temptation to over fertilize your plant believing it will grow faster. You could hurt him more. In fact, excessive fertilization or the use of a bad fertilizer can burn the roots of the plant.

Start from the beginning

If your plant is dying, but there are still some weak living stems, the cuttings option could allow you to resurrect your plant … in another! Cut the parts still alive and immerse them in a glass of water (or in a paper towel soaked in water placed in a glass) so that roots grow. Then, in a timely manner, you can replant them in the earth. A long technique, the results of which are not guaranteed, but what do you have to lose?

Give it a last life

Have you tried everything? Does your plant refuse to be born again? It may be time to say goodbye to him definitely. But do not throw it like a weed . Compost it! Its remains – even tiny – contain nutrients that will be beneficial for your future plants.

Dr. Kanika Singla

Ph.D., IARI Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

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