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Green trends in gardening

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More and more gardeners are concerned about ecology. Here are some of the new trends that come to the rescue of Mother Earth.

According to Tim Amos, professor of horticulture at the Nova Scotia Community College in Kentville, NS, “People are becoming more and more concerned about the environment. They treat the soil properly, choose plants that are adapted to the environment where they will be grown and work in harmony with nature rather than against it. ”

Among the ecological trends, we find:

Organic products

More and more gardeners are now using organic fertilizers made from compost, seaweed and fish. Many also choose not to use pesticides; others adopt organic products that attack pests and diseases, but not beneficial organisms.

Water savings

Watering lawns and gardens with water treated by the municipality is a waste. Many people are now collecting rainwater in barrels. Others turn their lawn into a garden and grow plants that tolerate drought better, like echinacea and thyme.

Native plants

There are many benefits to growing native plants. As they are already adapted to climate and soil, they require less care and are more resistant to pests and diseases than their hybrids. To learn more about native species in your area, visit Wild About Gardening (part of the Canadian Wildlife Federation) and visit Native Plant Suppliers for information on native plant suppliers.

Vegetables from the garden

According to nursery employees, the public is interested in growing their fruits and vegetables, especially because they are more concerned about food safety. “More and more people do not want to eat vegetables that have been exposed to chemicals,” says Britt Lawson, Brand Manager at McKenzie Seeds, a seed supplier based in Manitoba.

Devices powered by solar energy

We already know solar energy lamps for the garden. Pumps for fountains and ponds powered by solar energy are now easily available. There are also lawn mowers of the same type; they make little noise and do not release toxic gases into the atmosphere.

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