7 Proven Trout Fishing Tips Showing How To Catch Trout

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Here are some trout fishing tips for those who love to fish, but can’t for the life of you figure out why you’re not catching more trout? Ahh, you’re not alone in those thoughts. There’s not a fishing enthusiast alive who hasn’t pondered that same monumental, philosophical question sometime in their fishing career.

For all of you who spent time answering that question, this chapter was written just for you. It’s a compendium of some of the most effective and tightly-held secrets about trout fishing you’ll ever find. It’s a grouping of tips for you to read, digest, and most importantly, use on your next fishing trip best baitcaster reel.

1) Trout fish can see you!

WEAR CAMOUFLAGE CLOTHING. What? Are you kidding? Nope. I’m serious. You’ll blend in with your surrounding area better and you’re harder to see. And I don’t mean that the other anglers will have difficulty finding you.

Feel stupid wearing camouflage? Well, then at least dress in blue and green. These are the two colors trout can’t see. If you wear these, your chances of catching fish should increase.

2) They can see you too – DO your best Elmer Fudd Impersonation.

Now you really are kidding me, right? No. “Be very, very quiet. We’re catching wabbit,” is Elmer’s mantra. Let yours be “Be very, very quiet. We’re fishing trout.”

Yes, I’m telling you the trout can see and hear you. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. What have you got to lose, anyway?

3) Use a clean fishing line…

Okay, you might have heard this one before. I hope so. But it still rings true. Take time to clean your fishing line. And I don’t mean just at the beginning of the fishing season when you’re full of vim and vigor.

You need to clean your fishing line on a regular basis. I know it’s not the most exciting activity in the world but if you want to keep catching trout, it’s essential.

When your line is dirty with algae and other debris, you’re going to discover it’s a lot harder to cast properly. Once you have cleaned your line, then dress it to maintain that smoothness for easier casting. The act of dressing your line also helps with its “floatability” and this in turn helps to facilitate roll casts.

4) JUST beginning? Try the “double draper dry line.”

This type of line is perfect for beginners. It’s a stiffer line which means it glides through the eyes of the
fishing rod easier. Not only that, but it doesn’t get tangled as easily as some of the other types of lines.

5) Bridges?

Of course, you know that where there is a bridge, there’s bound to be trout. But keep this little known tip in mind as well. The lower the bridge, the bigger the trout will probably be.

But then there’s the corollary to this tip as well. It is more difficult to cast a fly up under the bridge far
enough to cover them. (Maybe that’s why the fish are so big?)

But, let’s delve into this situation just a little bit longer. Because, if you’re fly fishing, I just might have a
solution for you. It’s true that the lower the bridge the more difficult it is to maneuver your standard fly rod.

After all it’s upwards of nine feet in length. But who says you have to fish with the entire rod?

Here’s what you do: Remove the fly reel. Place it in an open pocket. Be sure that it’s in a place where the fly line can be free to pull off of it. And if you have a two piece rod, remove the butt section. Use only the tip section when casting your fly. Clever?

After a little practice at this, you’ll discover you can really get quite good at it. In fact, some anglers can
aerialize some 15 yards of fly line casting in this fashion. And that’s good enough to cover trout hiding under just about any bridge.

6) Weather and moon?

What’s that you say? You’ve heard old wives’ tales about fishing and the moon? Well, let’s revisit those tales. I know more than one angler who swears that he gauges his fishing trips by the weather and the moon.

According to these veteran fishermen, no two factors figure into a good fishing trip more than the weather and the moon. Why? Because these are the two vital links that appear to dictate a trout’s behavior.

7) Are you using cheese?

Cheese? Yes. But don’t try putting the hard cheese on your hook. It’ll just crumble off. Soft cheese is really what you want to use.

I hope that with some of the above trout fishing tips your next trip will be a more productive one.

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