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6 Late vegetables to plant this summer

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 It’s still not too late to grow vegetables . Here are growing and maturing fast and are therefore excellent candidates for late sowing in mid-summer.

Spicy root vegetables are always a good choice because they mature quickly.

Salad to mow

The salads mixed is not only found at the grocer or farmer’s market, but also in seed merchants that offer wonderful lettuce mixes, arugula, kale, spinach and chicory.


Spicy root vegetables are always a good choice because they mature quickly. Sow each day a pinch of seeds until mid-September and you will have radishes in all your salads.


Some grow beet only for its delicious green leaves, others also eat its root.


Spinach grows best in cool weather. Sow a few seeds every week or fortnight and you will have young leaves on hand until the first frost.


Choose a branch variety or other non-climbing species that does not give too large pods to harvest young and tender beans. There are “compact” varieties for both shelling peas and beans.

Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage

The cabbage (Brassicae) resists cold, so you can still sow early August without having to worry before a fairly advanced autumn.

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