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10 antidiabetic superfoods

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We used six criteria to judge the health value of food. Those in the following list respond to perfection. Consume them without hesitation: they are your allies against diabetes.


Given the high water content of embroidered melon , its energy density (the number of caloriesthat one gram of a food provides) is very low. You can, for all practical purposes, consume at will without worrying about its caloric intake . In addition, although it is sweet, its glycemic load is low and, therefore, it has little effect on blood glucose. Besides, for a food so light, it is particularly rich in micronutrients : a portion provides more than half of the recommended daily intake of vitamins A and C. Finally, it contains carotenoids, nutrients deemed excellent for health.

Jumbo cabbage

Green vegetables like cabbage, mustard, Swiss chard, dandelion and kale are all considered superfoods . Rich in micronutrients and fiber and low energy density, they are, in many ways, superior to many of the more popular vegetables. Because of its low cost and positive effects on heart health and blood sugar regulation , cabbage is at the top of the list in this group.


In fact, most berries meet our criteria : they are rich in fiber and micronutrients; their glycemic load is low and their water content is high, so they have a low energy density. If we opted for the strawberry , it is that we can get it cheaply practically all the year. However, when prices for blackberries, blueberries and raspberries fall, do not hesitate to stock up for them as they are just as useful for health and blood sugar regulation .


Salmon is one of the healthiest sources of animal protein : lean and relatively low in calories, it is particularly rich in nutrients. In particular, it provides omega-3 fatty acids that are known to be essential for cardiovascular health. As for its price, it varies considerably according to the supplies, the season and various other factors. Stay tuned: we sometimes find very cheap.


If all vegetables are excellent for diabetics or for those looking to lose weight, asparagus holds a special place . Since it does not contain sugar, its glycemic load is zero and its energy density is very low. On the other hand, it is rich in fiber and nutrients . In season, it does not cost more than broccoli or green beans. Sprinkle your asparagus with a drizzle of oil and wine vinegar, salt and pepper them very lightly, and you will have a deliciously healthy dish!

Black beans

If we had to invent a food that combines the best of meat and vegetables, it would be dry beans . It is rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals . Few foods provide such a variety of nutrients. Not to mention that, once cooked, its water content is high, making it a relatively low energy density protein source. If we stopped our choice on the black, it is because its glycemic load is lower than that of the others and its fiber content, slightly higher. As for the cost, it is very low, whatever the variety. In short, the dry bean really deserves the qualifier of superfood.


Despite their high glycemic load, grains are indispensable to us . Among them, oatmeal is at the top of the list of diabetic superfoods. They are rich in fiber and key minerals , and their high water content makes them a low energy density food (less than one calorie per gram). In addition, they are among the cheapest grains of the trade.


In Canada, quinoa is not yet a staple, but it should be. It is rich in fiber and key nutrients and, for a grain, has a particularly low glycemic load. In addition, because it absorbs a lot of water while cooking, its energy density is low. Finally, it is delicious and has a pleasant consistency.


Since carbohydrates must provide half of the calorie intake, as much as they come from a food such as sweet potato, which has a low glycemic load and energy density, and is rich in fiber and nutrients. In addition, we find everywhere and at reasonable cost. You would therefore be well advised to include it on the menu as often as possible.


In our childhood, iceberg lettuce was our main green, which the Roman replaced on occasion. However, health conscious people know that the best salads are dark green, like watercress . Despite its high nutrient content, it is low in calories. Its glycemic load is virtually zero, so it works wonders for blood glucose. If we chose it in preference to other greenery, it is usually cheap and, in addition to salads, we can make tasty soups .

Dr. Kanika Singla

Ph.D., IARI Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

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