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What to do in the garden and vegetable garden in July?

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The purpose of this article is not to make a list of everything you can do in a garden this month – do it very well automatically and in a personalized way, you just have to list your projects and we reminds you of sowing and watering – but to define some principles to have the ”  vegetable attitude  ” in July.

1. Watch the crops very often.

From experience, the difference between a ripe fruit / vegetable and another inedible is highly dependent on the timing of the harvest. For example, green beans must be harvested daily, at the risk of consuming balls of yarn. So do not hesitate to take a tour of the garden every day and lift the leaves to watch what happens below.

2. Sow new crops for the end of the season.

You can squeeze zucchini in July – they will probably be harvested just before the frosts, but you’ll be glad to have them. For ideas on what can be sown in July.

Potatoes are 4 months of cultivation if all goes well – if you harvest your first potatoes early, it is not too late to launch a second series, ready to harvest just in the fall.

3. Water and sow cleverly.

If you notice that some plants are growing very slowly, they are probably running out of water – there is plenty of sun and heat in July. Last month we advised you to check the mulch and to thicken it to limit the needs of watering: it is still the moment to do it! 
Question watering, it is now necessary to define the priorities: do not water the whole garden evenly. It’s mostly the fruiting vegetables that need water to grow, so water them first, and just add some for the others.

4. Mow wisely.

There is a hyper-important principle to understand in terms of mowing: the shorter I run, the shorter the roots of my lawn ! And the shorter the roots, the less they can go to the deep water reserves, so the plants dry very quickly. So be generous, mow at least 7 cm in height, you will see that the grass stays green longer.

5. Enjoy the garden!

All the efforts invested in the garden must benefit you! So do not forget to take time for yourself between pickings.

6. And eat your crops!

Big big job, that. Not necessarily the most unpleasant, but to you the seasonal fruit preparations, and salads galore!

7. Do not go on vacation anymore! 😉

We laugh ! Before going on vacation, it is necessary to provide at least one additional watering system. With a big bottle turned over a smaller one, we create a watering system that adapts to the heat of the moment. It’s not beautiful, but since you will not be there to see it, it’s good!

But uh … I wanted the list of things to do, me!

Dr. Kanika Singla

Ph.D., IARI Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

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