All about “Basil / Tulsi”

March 29, 2020

Basil: health benefits and virtues Basil is a herb used as a flavouring in cooking. Its fragrant flavour is characteristic of Italian dishes but it is also widely used in Asian countries, especially in Thailand. Characteristics of the basil: Rich in antioxidants; Rich in vitamin K; Antibacterial; Fight against free radicals; Fight against the appearance of certain pathologies. […]

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Grow your basil: the keys to sow it and keep it alive.

August 11, 2018

Pesto, tomato sauce, tian, with cheese, tomatoes, vinaigrette, salad … Basil is a must , not just in Mediterranean cuisine. It is also a legendary plant for novice gardeners or confirmed for its capricious side facing the culture . Which makes it all the more valuable on the plate. As explained here , starting in the garden with basil is like trying to run the marathon without […]

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